Our Staff Room

We stocked up our staff room with reusable mugs and cups to reduce the use of disposable coffee or water cups.

What the Future Holds

As more sustainable and innovative options become available we try our best to hop on board and implement them here at Baggins. In the near future, we are looking into using hemp string loops instead of plastic ones for our shoe tags! We're also looking forward to seeing what the brands we carry come up with! There is a lot in the works and a lot of new and exciting sustainable product options are coming your way 😍

It's a team effort! if you feel like hopping on the sustainability train with us, here are some things you can do to help reduce waste:

  1. BYOB - As we said before bringing your own bag to put your brand new kicks in is a great way to reduce waste! Remembering to bring your own bag can be nearly impossible, but a good thing to do is to leave it somewhere near your door, whether that is right on your doorknob, on your shoes, or putting it in your handbag/backpack. Canvas bags can roll up super small so they don't take much room at all! AND if you're feeling like making your own personalized tote we can print one for you with any design you have in mind! 🛍️
  2. Recycle Your Shoe Boxes - All the boxes the shoes come in are recyclable so next time you're done with a box remember to chuck it into the recycling bin rather than the trash bin  ☺️ ♻️
  3. Resell - If you're no longer loving your well cared for kicks, reselling is always an option. It can be tedious to resell things but there are many great apps and Facebook groups that make it a bit easier. This way you're extending your shoe's life a little longer and they're not becoming a new addition to the landfill. 💰
  4. Donate - If you don't feel like reselling your shoes but they're still in good condition, donating them is a great option. A good deed goes a long way! 🎁
  5. Don't Get Discouraged - It can all seem very overwhelming, but remember, it's not about being perfect, it's about trying your best! Every little thing helps and change starts with small steps! 👍



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