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  • The world just can’t get enough of Andy Warhol’s bold, intriguing artwork, and all of the accessories still adorned with his prints nearly 30 years after his death have definitely solidified his spot in both art and pop culture history.

    Known by many as the “Pope of Pop”, Andy Warhol’s artwork is as relevant today as it was when he first released his creations more than 50 years ago. Andy Warhol (1928-1987) is undeniably best known for his colourful style known as Pop Art, in which he used bright colours to wash over celebrity faces (and much more) to create stunning (expensive) masterpieces. Have you ever noticed a filter on your smartphone’s camera called Pop Art? Yep, that’s a nod to Warhol. Continue reading

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  • You’d think that with 107 years of shoe design success behind them, Converse would finally be able to find some time to relax, but no. Who can rest when there are new colors to introduce to adoring fans?

    Just in time for fall, a new line of Chuck Taylor All Stars has arrived. The big shoe brand’s All Star Fresh Colors hi-top and lo-top sneakers have gracefully gone from the runway to our feet, where they will stay until we get bored of one color and need to move onto the next.

    The Converse Fresh Colors lineup features the same Chuck Taylor All Star hi-top sneakers you’ve always loved, just in new, slick colors that bring a new variety of expressions to the footwear’s iconic silhouette. Continue reading

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  • Alright, stop! Collaborate and listen. Converse keeps pumping out great inventions.

    It’s true. Converse shoes are as well-known for their iconic profiles as they are for their fun collaborations. Although some of them are totally random collaborations, many of which are for people with niche interests, all of them work, all of them are fun, and all of them keep us on the balls of our feet wondering, who the heck will Converse pair up with next?

    The beauty of it is, Converse has made it to a point in fashion history where it can collaborate with whoever and whatever it wants, and still manage to deliver an incredibly well-designed, loveable shoe. Continue reading

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  • If Disney and Vans got together to do the Tango, the results would be nothing short of amazing. It’d be like offering people ways to wear their favorite childhood memories on their feet (finally!)

    Oh, you mean it’s already happened?

    Yes. It. Has. And the results are dancing out the door just in time for the start of a new school year. Dancing and Disney go hand-in-hand, and as you can see, so do Disney and Vans. The Vans Disney Collection of slip-ons, lace-ups and hi-tops are perfect for strolling down the school hall, or spending an afternoon at the mall. They’re perfect for the park, or even for the next dance, where you’ll be the cool, calm, approachable one wearing awesome shoes. Continue reading

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  • Tourism Victoria is doing it, the Strathcona Hotel is doing it, heck, even the HarbourCats baseball team and Perogy Cat are doing it. These are just a few of the companies in Victoria that have started rocking custom kicks, and your company can, too!

    As a small or big business, you can choose to have your logo splashed across a T-shirt (boring), a mug (yawwwn!), a calendar (do people even use those anymore?), a side of a bus, or maybe even a sandwich board downtown, but designing your own custom Vans or Converse high-tops or low-tops through Baggins, and having the public wearing them, is what’s truly going to set your business apart. Continue reading

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  • Boat shoes are back, baby! Or did they ever really go anywhere? (Grunge era, we’re looking at you!). Not only are boat shoes back in style, though, they are looking more dapper than ever - and in the case of the Vans line, bright and colourful, too!

    What makes a boat shoe a boat shoe, you’re wondering? Boat shoes are a minimal style of footwear, a slip-on traditionally made of leather or canvas with durable stitching (the type found on moccasins). You’ll recognize them right away for their two eyelets along both sides.

    Along with their distinctive profile, boat shoes are more readily known for their anti-slip soles that make them ideal for…you guessed it: boat decks and other wet surfaces. They have a universal appeal that guys and girls of all ages dig. Continue reading

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  • Look down during any outdoor festival in Victoria, or any large North American city for that matter, and you’re bound to see a few pairs of Converse. You might not be able to tell some of them are Converse right away, but look closer, they are definitely there.

    They are all around us. Why? Cuz they’re an awesome pair of kicks made by an even awesome-er company that has stood the test of time for more than 100 years.

    So, what’s so awesome about Converse? Continue reading

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  • If the amount of views that cute cat videos on YouTube get is any indication, it’s safe to assume most people love animals. Cuddly looking ones in particular. We love caring for them, hugging them, petting them, cuddling them, you name it – we love it. Just one look at their furry faces and our hearts have been known to melt. Have you ever found yourself thinking, “It’s OK, go ahead, scratch up the couch, it’s all good because you’re so ridiculously cute,” whenever your cat gives you that “look?” If so, you’re an animal lover!

    Even just looking at a cute animal is therapeutic for some people. And now, animal lovers of all ages can show their devotion with their footwear. Vans knows how much animal lovers want to protect their furry friends from harm, which is why it has teamed up with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)  to come up with... wait, are those kittens and puppies on a shoe? Yep! Continue reading

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  • In case you hadn't heard... there's a new Star Wars film coming out!

    Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens  is on every fan's mind, and you better believe the merchandising tie-ins will continue for years to come. Everything from T-shirts to ballpoint pens with everyone from Yoda to Poe Dameron will fill store shelves.

    But let's face it, a Yoda T-shirt just doesn't cut it.

    You want something cool yet sophisticated. Something visible yet not too flashy.

    You want a pair of shoes from the Vans Star Wars collection; seriously.

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  • If you're what they call a 'young person,' you might be rocking a pair of Converse All-Stars right now.

    But before you give yourself any points for being 'rad,' how familiar are you with the rebel trendsetters of the 60s, 70s, and 80s who took those rubber-soled sneakers and turned them into icons?

    Long before Wiz Khalifa, Blake Lively, Avril Lavigne or Kurt Cobain made Converse their shoe of choice (P.S. Kurt Cobain was the singer for a punk group called Nirvana... they were pretty good, you should check them out) there were a select group of athletes, musicians, actors and proto-hipsters blazing a trail that leads directly to your feet.

    These Old Dudes Made Converse Cool

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