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  1. Winter in Style

    Winter in Style

    Staying warm, dry and stylish is always the greatest challenge during the cold winter months, but thankfully our favourite brands are stepping up to the feat and making our lives a whole lot easier with their weather-ready styles. Today we'll cover some of our favourites! Converse is up first to kick things off and this year they've released so many...
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  2. Tales of Terror

    Tales of Terror

      The best time of the year is finally here, Halloween! We've all had a ghost encounter or two, maybe even an alien sighting here or there, experiences that leave you questioning your sanity and what better time to share your tales of horror than today? This year we've rounded up some of our own spooky stories to get you...
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  3. In My Shoes: Hunter

    In My Shoes: Hunter

    We’re back with another member of the Baggins crew! Meet Hunter, she’s one of the graphic designers at the Printshop. Yes, that’s right, she helps all your custom kick dreams come true! But when Hunter is not granting shoe wishes or working her best angle for our social media, she is emerged in Victoria’s rich thrifting culture and getting to...
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  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas x Vans

    The Nightmare Before Christmas x Vans

    Just in time for Halloween, Vans has graced us with a fresh, and this time, spooky collection of sneakers, it's  A Nightmare Before Christmas Collaboration! Chances are that at one point in your life you were a big fan of this amazing dark stop-motion animation directed by the one and only Tim Burton, and though the film was first released...
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  5. Celebrating 50 Years!

    Celebrating 50 Years!

    This year marks our 50th-anniversary. What a milestone! Fifty years is a long time, but we’re feeling better than ever, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our amazing customers and staff.
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  6. Dr. Martens - Fall Style Guide

    Dr. Martens - Fall Style Guide

    I don’t know about ya’ll but we’re ecstatic about Fall here at Baggins! Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie, cozy sweaters, spooky vibes and best of all, NEW Dr. Martens styles!! And with a new season comes a new opportunity to express yourself through your wardrobe, so whatever it is you’re wanting to channel this fall, Dr. Martens has something for...
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  7. Artist Collaboration: Crystal Alexandria

    Artist Collaboration: Crystal Alexandria

    This week we bring to you another chat with amazing tattoo artist of Dark Ocean Tattoo, Crystal Alexandria. Crystal's style is a vibrant mix of neotraditional and geometric work and if you haven't checked out her Slip-on Vans Purple Peony design you're missing out! Keep reading to learn more about her artistic process... Baggins Blog (BB): Tell us a little bit...
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  8. Artist Collaboration: Angie DiFran of Tattoo Zoo

    Artist Collaboration: Angie DiFran of Tattoo Zoo

    Check out what tattoo artist, Angie DiFran has to say about designing her customized Converse for our Tattoo Zoo collection and learn how you can find out how she became a tattooer.
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  9. Valentine's Day 2019: Baggins Top Five Worst Date Stories

    Valentine's Day 2019: Baggins Top Five Worst Date Stories

    Valentine's Day is the holiday that a lot of people dread. Whether you're in a relationship or single, Valentine's Day can be a source of major anxiety. With this in mind, instead of bringing you stories of epic, enviable love, some of our staff are sharing five of their worst date stories (in no particular order, we'll let you be the judge of which is the worst).
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  10. Artist Collaboration: Luna Milly of Tattoo Zoo

    Artist Collaboration: Luna Milly of Tattoo Zoo

    We're back with another new interview with our Tattoo Zoo collaborators. This week we're talking to Luna Milly about her style, favourite music and advice for aspiring tattoo artists!
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