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  1. Converse Renew: A Second Life

    Converse Renew: A Second Life

    With today's global environmental crisis, we're so thankful to be working with a brand taking strides to help reduce waste. On July 5th, 2019 Converse launched the first of their Renew series showcasing their classic shoe silhouettes made from 100% recycled materials. Since then, they have expanded the collection further, getting creative with manufacturing canvas using different types of materials...
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  2. Artist Collaboration: N8 Van Dyke

    Artist Collaboration: N8 Van Dyke

    This week on the Baggins blog, we're SO stoked to introduce you to our newest Artist Collaborator, Nate Van Dyke. Today we're bringing you a chat with Nate about his Dutchstruction design, finding out what makes his creative gears roll, what he's up to lately, and what he's binging on Netflix. When this uber-creative powerhouse isn't busy strolling the streets...
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  3. Staff Highlight: Katie

    Staff Highlight: Katie

    Hey guys, it's about time you meet Katie, she's kind of a big deal around here in the Baggins World. Why, you ask? Well, she's the Baggins General Manager! Back in 2017, she crossed the Atlantic ocean to make her home in Canada and in 2018 she journeyed into the Baggins world, first in the orders department and eventually made...
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  4. Chucks You'll Love - Spring Styles 2020

    Chucks You'll Love - Spring Styles 2020

    Although spring still seems like it's a lifetime away from us, you must stay strong, it's technically right around the corner. And we've got something to lift your spirits: New Converse! We've got all new styles in and we're so happy to see so much colour and boldness in the mix, it's time to take some risks and really have...
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  5. 5 Reasons to Get Printing

    5 Reasons to Get Printing

    Whether you're on the fence about printing or you straight up didn't know how cool it could be, these 5 reasons will get you 100% on board with a fresh pair of custom kicks! Read on to find out what your destiny holds..... The printshop opened up back in 2014 and it's been an inspiring and thrilling journey! It feels...
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  6. New from Herschel🌟

    New from Herschel🌟

    Herschel is kickstarting spring this year with fresh designs for the whole fam! It's so refreshing to see vibrant colours, floral prints and even some tye-dye in the mix, we're ready for spring and these will be the perfect way to get in the spirit! If you love a bit of floral action, Herschel's got a little bit of everything...
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  7. Baggins and the Environment

    Baggins and the Environment

    Today we face a crisis, an environmental crisis and here at Baggins, we're well aware of the impact we have on the environment. We're working towards a greener future because we care about preserving this earth that we live on and although there are many areas in which we could improve this is what we're doing now to reduce our...
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  8. The 90s Today

    The 90s Today

    I think we can all agree that the 90s were a great decade for style. Bright colours, crop tops, striped sweaters, a lil grunge here and there and of course our favourite kicks, Converse, Vans and Dr. Martens.  We're pumped to see these trends cycling back to us this year so if you're thinking of diving into the 90s fashion...
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  9. Staff Highlight: Belinda

    Staff Highlight: Belinda

    Belinda joined the team as Store Manager only a few months ago, but she is definitely making waves in the Baggins world with her vibrant personality and love for shoes! If you've visited the store then you know what we're talking about, you can always count on Belinda for some of the best advice. Read on to learn more about...
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  10. The Best of the Decade

    The Best of the Decade

    We're saying goodbye to a decade full of stunning achievements and memories and welcoming a new thrilling and opportunity-filled one. We're so excited about this next chapter of our Baggins journey, but first, we're taking a look at all the amazing moments from the last decade because we know there is so much to be grateful for. Read on to...
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