Vans X Where’s Waldo? has landed!

In 1987, Martin Handford introduced the world to Where’s Waldo?, an elaborate book of fun colorful drawings and scenes where the reader goes in search of Wally. Wally (Waldo as he’s known in North America) is a time/world traveler who is always dressed in red and white stripes. As the books progressed and the reach of Waldo grew, so did the characters for the reader to find and the intricacy of the drawings.

These colorful “comics” and search books are beloved by millennials and beyond. Reminding us of the ever-exciting scholastic book fairs, or hours spent searching for Waldo only to realize the man in stripes we finally found was an *imposter*. The books were found in classrooms, bedrooms, and libraries and offered great childhood memories.

Vans is teaming up with Where’s Waldo? to bring us three fun footwear styles inspired by the books.

Vans Old Skool Where's Waldo International

These Old Skool’s pay homage to both brand's histories and Waldo’s extensive international travel. Featuring an allover red and white stripe and a sidewall print that reads “Where’s Waldo?” in many languages from the many countries that love this character. From the US, Canada, UK, Spain, Japan, and beyond, everyone will recognize this iconic print and immediately think of Wally.

Vans Authentic Where's Waldo Land of Waldo

The Authentics feature an all-over Waldo print, pulling from the many faces, versions, and explorations of Waldo to bring it all together in one overwhelmingly nostalgic shoe. This canvas upper is paired with bright red laces and blue piping to tie back into the classic Wally colours. You won’t give up trying to find Waldo on this print and instead be overjoyed with all the Waldos right in the forefront. How many Waldos do you count on this pair of Authentics?

Vans Classic Slip On Where's Waldo Find Steve/Beach

Vans knows how to have fun with their collaborations and these CSO’s (Classic Slip-on's) are no different. This canvas shoe features the most iconic Where’s Waldo scene with a twist. Can you find Steve Van Doren, current CEO, and descendant of the creators of Vans, among the crowd on the beach? You will be entertained for hours trying to locate him.

We are excited to offer this special collection from Vans. Quantities are limited so be sure to jump on your favourites before they vanish.


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