Read on to find out what the top 10 moments of the last decade were!

1. The Big 5-0

2019 was a big year and this achievement (like many others) couldn't have happened without YOUR support! Not everyone would be excited about turning 50 years old but we loved it! 😉 We celebrated in true Baggins fashion with our friends from Vans and The Zone 91-3 radio station. There were prizes, donuts, a money cube, free shoes and fun times 🎉 We had a blast and we hope that everyone that stopped by to celebrate with us did too.

2. 50 Days of Giveaways

During this time we also decided to do a whole 50 days of Giveaways to give back to our supporters! Every week we gave away 5 products from each brand and got people to enter with their favourite Baggins related story. I gotta say, we received some really cute/touching stories.  We truly felt the love and we're so fortunate to have such lovely customers. We appreciate you all! ❤️

3. Voted Best Shoe Store in Victoria

Wow! We know we are good at we do, but we didn't know we were THAT good. All jokes aside, we are so thankful to everyone that voted and helped us reach this milestone, again, we wouldn't be here without you. We cannot wait to continue serving up the best kicks in town, it might just be our favourite thing to do.

4. Special Collections

This decade was full of incredible special collections from Vans, Converse and Stance. Converse wowed the crowds with their Pride, Batman, Tom and Jerry collections. Vans kept it spicy with collections featuring the Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter, Marvel and even the Mickey Mouse Clan! And finally, Stance killed it with collections including Quentin Tarantino, Star Wars, and even Metallica!

5. The Printshop Opens!

The Baggins Print Shop opened its doors in 2014 and with it came the chance for unlimited creativity, a new way to express yourself and show the world who you are through your kicks! The ability to customize your shoes changed the game for people and throughout the years we've seen a great array of designs, anything from furry friends to your favourite star wars character to your favourite family members to...well the list goes on. It keeps us inspired and sometimes gives the team a good laugh.

6. Artist Collaborations

With the Print Shop also came the unique opportunity to work with some very talented artists to create Baggins Originals. From far and wide, we have worked with over 20 artists in the last ten years, including Francis Dick, Ali Bruce, Shuturp, Nice Nothings, and so many more! We have also had the privilege to work with many of our friends over at Tattoo Zoo and, of course, some of our very own artists at the Baggins Print Shop.

Check out all of the Baggins Originals designs here

We've also had the chance to create for some of our favourite brands/celebrities, including Sephora, YouTube, Lenovo, Honda, American Express, Justin Trudeau and even The Rock #thankful 🙌

7. A New Member of the Fam: Dr. Martens

In 2017 Dr. Martens became a part of the Baggins collection! We simply couldn't resist their beautiful footwear and we were ecstatic when we could finally offer them at our little store.

In March 2018 we had the official Dr. Martens Launch party where we celebrated everyone's unique style, with live music, snacks and laughter, of course.  We wouldn't offer a brand we don't completely support, so you can rest assured that the Dr. Martens boots are top quality, so whether you consider yourself blue-collar, a punk with a passion, or a poet with a dash of fashionista, we have the perfect Docs for you 😉

8. The Baggins Fam

Obviously the Baggins Fam! A whole decade of some of the best customers out there has left us with our hearts full. Over the years you have shared your love for kicks with us and it should be noted that aside from shoes we love making our customers happy!

9. Tara Becomes an Owner

Tara jumped on the Baggins ship back in 2013 as the store manager and since then she has become part-owner and Director. Together, Glen and Tara are achieving all the Baggins goals and drafting up the future of this little company. Tara's dedication has helped us grow in so many ways and we're excited about the projects she has in store for this next decade!

10. The Baggins Crew

You can't have a successful business without a great crew! The team is really one of the highlights of being a part of Baggins, we're all family here and we've got some outstanding humans making sure the ship sails smoothly. From the main boss, Tara, who as she likes to put it, 'deals with all the shit' and her sidekick, General Manager Katie, who deals with a similar variety of projects, to our store manager Belinda and her store team making sure customers are happy! We can't forget about the Print team lead by Anna, making custom dreams come true and finally our Warehouse Genie, Tyler who makes sure all our friends from abroad get their kicks in the mail, safe and sound.

Thank you friends,  for making this last decade so special, we look forward to a new decade full of crazy Baggins adventures!


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