Read on to find out what the Baggins Fam loved this year...


Anna // Printshop Manager, Graphic Design Lead, Cat Enthusiast

I like these Old Skools because it's such a classic style, but this colour really SPEAKS to me! I picture if you held them up to your ear you could hear the ocean.



Katie // General Manager, Coffee Lover 

The Van's White Classic Slip-On! I got a pair in the summer, and they were super comfortable and went with everything. Then I dropped coffee all over them and didn't realize how cool they looked until they were ruined.



Tara // Director, Co-owner, All-Seer, Kingpin etc.




Sam // Social Media Rep Master, Converse Enthusiast

My forever loves are the Converse Black Monochrome Hi-Tops and they've been a staple in my life for years. They look good with everything and add a bit of grunge to your outfits, which is always a plus 😉


Mike // Sales & Warehouse Master, All-Around Nice Dude 

My favourite shoes this year were definitely the Vans Classic Slip-On SF Suede Black/Checkerboard. I've always been a fan of a good slip for simplicity in both style and operation, and these bois do not disappoint; they have an extra heel stitch so you can fold the back of the shoe forward and wear them like slippers. Vans took it even further with the coziness and coated an UltraCush insole in fleece (checkerboard, of course) so I can wear these playing Spider-Man at home or skipping around town and always be the comfiest man alive.

Cody // Sales & Warehouse Master, Bad B*tch

I'm really into the 1461's in Olive Green. It's such a nice neutral colour, so it goes with everything. Also, they make me feel like a bad bitch.


Belinda // Store Manager, Professional Badass

I love the Jack Purcell Low Tops and the 70s Hi Tops. They both have a wonderful cushy insole that can be removed to accommodate my insoles or keep them in and wear with the Kneed insoles.


Joey // Sales Master, Creative Bee  

My fave is the 70s Hi Tops in Mason Egret. They fit my foot shape so well and I was able to put my own insoles since the 70s ones are removable. The colour is super versatile and looks good with anything I wear with them 😊


Paula // Sales Master, Planet Lover 

Love the 70s Renew Low Tops in Wheat. The colour was perfect for transitioning from my summer to fall wardrobe, and the fact that they're made from recycled materials makes them that much better (because life's too short to waste 😉)

Wow, what a year full of great kicks! Thank you to all our friends that stopped by our little store to support us this year, from near and far we appreciate you all 🥰 We look forward to a new year of helping people find their dream shoe and, of course,  the fresh trends of 2020!


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