Learn more about Tara in this mini Q&A!

Vans Old Skool Red

Introduce yourself: Part owner, Director, GM, Taradactyl - Attorney of law but also a dinosaur….but actually I’m the girl who brings her dogs to work every day and deals with all the shit.

How would you describe your style?

I like comfortable and easy to maintain yet still try to be fashionable on occasion? I have goth/punk roots that come out mixed with a desire for anything pink/neon/orange. Also, I can’t keep a hair colour for very long so constantly change it..

What are your current top 3 product picks?

Vans Old Skool (Vansbuck) Heavenly Pink/Blanc de Blanc

Dr. Martens Pascal Virginia Black

Vans Old Skool (Classic Tumble) Black/White

What do you do during your free time?

Training my dogs- I have a 1.5 year old Heeler who is learning freestyle trick (she can sorta ride a skateboard and can jump on my back on queue) and obedience and a 1 year old Pit bull Cross who just learnt to roll over (this is still true 2 months later).

I also volunteer with Babydog, a local dog obedience company. I socialize and play with 8 week to 8 month old puppies and teach them manners around other dogs. I’m also their acting volunteer coordinator, so I ensure volunteers are lined up and show up.

I’m a new house owner, so cleaning and making repairs to the house. Designing my dream house in my head and getting shut down by my Husband.

Other than that I watch hundreds of hours of MMA and Trash TV- Geordie Shore, I’ve also recently become obsessed with anything the Osbourne’s (not like their 2003 reality show but current stuff).

What do you love most about Victoria?

How close you are to serenity. Drive 30 minutes and you’re in a forest with nature. You can go swimming in lakes, Hike Mountains.  Also great dog community (yah I’m all about dogs now).

What’s the craziest/best/most different thing you’ve done in a pair of Chucks, Docs or Vans?

I’ve travelled with my docs at this point to Portland, NYC. Soon they'll be coming with me to the UK!

The first day in NY I did over 25000 steps in my Old Skools.

Tell us about your shoe collection ... 

I have a lot…..like a lot. Right now, rocking Pink leather Old Skools, 1460 Pascal Black DRM and the Lazy Oaf pink Platform DRM

What are your current favourite tunes?

Marilyn Manson is always in the mix, currently Sir Sly, Beck, Kool Stuff Katie, a lot of New Wave playlists and MFM (not music but it’s always playing in the office).

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

George St-Pierre? Freddie Mercury, but I feel everyone says this. Bella Lugosi? I’d sit down with Marilyn Manson again, but I have technically met him.

What do you love most about working for Baggins?

I am challenged every day.  Recently have bought into the company, and I’m excited to start trying new things and pushing Baggins forward. Glen is the best person to work for and there isn’t many places that you can bring your dogs to work as well.

Recently I’ve been getting to travel as part of my job, Portland, New York, Montreal. It’s awesome and I love to go places.

What is your favourite Baggins Story?

I love anytime the reps come to see us. Chris, our Converse rep, is one of the most genuine and fun people. We do our work, go out and have a blast.

The DRM guys are some of the coolest people I know. They’re in bands, have tattoo artist wives, work for one of the coolest companies and were 100% on board with a live concert in our tiny ass store.

I’ve made one of my best friends through Baggins, she doesn’t work here anymore, but she’s living her life in New Zealand now. (Jenna you’re cool too).

If you had to choose one shoe for the rest of your life, which style/brand would it be?

Vans Old Skool

Any life/shoe/personal advice you would like to share with our readers?

If you want to work hard and have the drive to put in the time, you can achieve your goals. I’m not trained in business from any school but I have a passion for it so put in the time and now I own part of the business. (Must be doing something right).

Also don’t let others life goals dictate yours. My friends all went travelling after school and I started university right away. I finished earlier and was able to find my career early, it means I own a house now and get to travel with a bit more dough in my pockets. Looking back I don’t regret this decision because I feel like I’m where I should be.

Tireless. Tenacious. Tara.

Dr. Martens Women's 1460 Pascal Boots

There you have it folks, our industrious head honcho is ready to lead the way to a bright and successful Baggins future. The Baggins crew would be lost without Tara's strong determination, leadership and inspiring work ethic. Amazing what you can accomplish in five years, amirite? One thing is for sure, we can't wait to venture forth on this journey with her and see what comes next!


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