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Baggins Favourite Dogs

If you’ve ever been to our store you know that at Baggins we’re not just dog friendly, we’re dog enthusiastic! As soon as you and your furry friend walk through our open door one of our lovely staff members will rush over to greet you and give your dog lots of love and chin scratches. We find that dogs not only brighten the store's energy but also open room for friendly conversation and connection with our range of customers. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite dogs we’ve had the pleasure of meeting at our store. 

Before we mention our favourite furry friends who have come to visit us, we need to give a shout-out to the three dogs we consider a part of the Baggins family! This trio belongs to Tara, the wonderful co-owner of Baggins

This beautiful dog is Storm. She is a blue heeler and loves to play fetch either with a ball or a frisbee. Storm was Tara and her husband’s first dog and was adopted in 2017. 


This Easter pup is Gambit. He is a Pitbull who loves holding on to his slobbery ball and shows anyone willing to lend a smile or some pets. Gambit is certainly a mama’s boy, snuggling up to Tara any chance he gets. After Storm, Tara and her husband decided to have the dogs named after Marvel’s X-Men, especially since Gambit is Tara’s husband’s favourite X-Men. 


This adorable puppy is Logan. He is a Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix and is the newest addition to the family. Logan is mischievous and full of energy! Logan comes into work with Tara some days, and loves going on lots of walks throughout the day. He gets very hurt feelings when someone walks past without saying hello. A certified sweetheart.


Moving on to our friendly furry visitors, up first we have Ocean. He is a cute french bulldog puppy and he’s photographed behind a pair of our Vans Old Skool sneakers


This gorgeous girl’s name is Tiya. She is a poodle/golden doodle mix and she was treated to a fresh, dog-friendly rainbow dye just in time for this photo! Our staff light up whenever she and her owner come to the store and she loves receiving all the love and attention sent her way as she wanders around. 



This precious puppy is Clementine. Clementine, nicknamed lemon, is a blue heeler/cowboy corgi mix. Our store lit up as soon as this puppy walked in and we were greeted by Clementine's lovely smile. 


Last but certainly not least, we have Cheeto the delightful and energetic Pomeranian. She greeted us with a bright smile and to her owner’s surprise jumped up on her hind legs while being photographed. 

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