Luna Milly of Tattoo Zoo @Lunathetattooer

Baggins Blog (BB): Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Luna Milly (LM): I have been an artist for my whole life, as a little kid my “what I want to be when I grow up” aspiration was to be an artist and probably have a pet monkey on my shoulder like Emily Carr. Discovering my obsession with tattoos didn't happen until I turned sixteen and started getting them. Then I realized how much my art had transformed from looking at tattoos. I started looking for an apprenticeship at that time but of course, I was too young to even legally get them so I got turned down a lot.

I worked at Tattoo Zoo briefly doing counter work when I was 18 before I left to Europe for 3 years, where I struggled as a freelance painter and briefly apprenticed at a tattoo shop in Barcelona under my friend Wahid Echad at 19:28 tattoo. After that, I came home for a bit to look at options and get grounded. I still wanted to learn to tattoo, but by that time I was a bit disenchanted with it because of how hard it is to get in to. By luck, through a friend, I met my mentor Albert Caine at Modern Tradition in Duncan. Albert helped me a lot by just giving me a chance and letting me get started.

Being born and raised in Victoria I wanted to come back and be around people I knew. Having worked for Gerry and Sarah at Tattoo Zoo before, they were the first people I wanted to work for. I am so happy to have been working tattooing at Tattoo Zoo for the last 3 months, Gerry and Sarah have made a great space where everyone feels loved and supported not to mention the fact my tattooing has improved a lot from Gerry’s guidance. I am so thankful and couldn’t be happier.

Black and Grey Tattoo by Luna Milly

BB: Can you tell us a little about how you found your signature style?

LM: I like tattooing in all styles; all of them excite me. I think my signature style would probably be black and grey realism and portraits as it translates well into my art background in painting.

BB: What is your favourite thing about tattooing?

LM: My favourite thing about tattooing is being able to meet so many people, the freedom you get with being able to work anywhere in the world and it is so fun and challenging in the best way.

BB: Can you talk us through your customized Baggins Original?

LM: The design I have chosen for the Baggins Shoes collab is what I feel best represents my tattoo and art style; my design is on black vans, which were the first pair I ever owned as a teenager.

BB: Converse, Dr. Martens or Vans – what’s your go-to shoe?

LM: Growing up I didn’t have a lot of money but I always wanted my parents to buy me vans; I would wear them until they had rips and holes in them. I love vans!

BB: What is your favourite thing to do in Victoria?

LM: My favourite thing to do in Victoria depends on the season. We are so lucky to be able to see the change in seasons; every time of year is beautiful in its own way. I love walking around Cook St Village and Fairfield in the spring and fall hanging out in cute coffee shops in town or walking around Dallas Road by the water.

BB: Who have you been listening to recently?

LM: My favourite music to listen to depends on my mood/ what I’m doing, I love 70s punk and metal as well as stoner metal and old school hip hop. I love classical piano while I’m painting though.

BB: How did you start creating art?

LM: I've been creating art since I was a child. I loved drawing women and animals and spent a lot of time drawing with my father and the entire time I was in school I never really was paying attention to class just drawing at my desk. I make art because it is the only thing that makes me feel complete, relaxed, focused and have the freedom to be myself. It’s my safe happy place.

Colour Tattoo by Luna Milly

BB: Do you have a favourite tattoo on your body?

LM: It’s very hard for me to pick a favourite tattoo on myself because a lot of them have special meaning for me just down to who tattooed me. I have a lot of very talented tattooer friends that I personally look up to but I think my favourite tattoo I have is the Japanese dragon I have on my forearm by my friend Colin Wiley of Parksville Tattoo. It’s perfect and he was very kind every time he worked on it. It's one of my favourite experiences. Thank you, Colin!

BB: Can you tell us about the space where you create?

LM: The space where I create can be anywhere it’s mostly just a place of mind more than a physical space, I have a nice studio set up in my apartment but I usually just prefer to draw on the couch hahaha.

BB: What advice would you want to tell artists breaking into “scene”?

LM: The best advice I could give anyone trying to get into the scene is to draw. A lot. Look for someone who inspires you and create your own thing, but you’ll need to work really hard and be frustrated a lot.

BB: Who or what do you take inspiration from?

LM: I think people are so inspiring; I love lots of amazing painters and tattooers; many who have blessed me by meeting in-person all over the world. Some of my favourite painters are Eloy Morales, Emanuele Dascanio, Gustavo Rimada, and Roberto Ferri. As for tattooers; Gordon Combs, Chuco Moreno, Dan Molloy, Claudia Desabe, Jean Leroux and my friends Colin Wiley and Bryan Turnbull from here.

BB: What do you want to be remembered for?

LM: Being remembered for my work, especially my oil paintings is my main goal. I'd also like to be remembered for being a good person. Friend; partner or daughter.

Luna Milly of Tattoo Zoo Portrait Slip-Ons


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