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The printshop opened up back in 2014 and it's been an inspiring and thrilling journey! It feels like we've received just about every creative request under the sun but somehow our customers keep surprising us. It would be hard to choose a favourite design from the thousands we've seen over the years, but we do particularly enjoy seeing people's furry friends, heh. If you want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of the custom printing process check out our FAQ's! Ok, Let's get on with these 5 reasons to get printing.

  1. Express Yourself, Be Unique

    Getting a pair of custom made sneakers is the perfect way to express yourself. Whether that's your love for The Office or Baby Yoda or even your fave food, this is the one piece in your wardrobe that is authentically you. And unlike many items in our everyday life, created by an array of people we don't know, you can know that your customs were made by YOU. So make that statement, and wear your customs proudly! We can print anything you can dream of and our graphic designers help you through the process of putting together your perfect design.

  2. They Make A Great Gift

    So you've done customs for yourself and you're wondering what the next step is. Well, guess what? Customs make great gifts for those special ones in your life, including the little ones! Over the years we've seen a lot of parents bring their kid's drawings to life on a pair of shoes and there have been some pretty great works of art by 12-year-olds! Customs also make a beautiful sentimental gift, you can fill the canvas with special moments or even your special pets (cute) Not only that but many people have customized sneakers for their wedding! 😩 🥰

  3. The Rock Did It

    That's right, in the Rock we trust and even he took part in the fun of making a pair of customs for himself!  We've worked with a lot of notable people, and that might speak to how special custom sneakers are.
    When PM Trudeau came over to visit Victoria, we had the pleasure of making a pair of west coast themed chucks as a souvenir. We've also crafted kicks for the Ellen DeGeneres Studio and even a Shaolin Temple in China! 💁

  4. Show Off Your Brand

    Customs are a really fun way to show off your brand! Something as simple as a logo pattern really pops on a pair of sneakers. It's unique, it unites your team a little more and people notice and love it! We've collaborated with an array of businesses like Sephora, Lenovo, American Express and YouTube! Your business could be next 😉

  5. It's Super Fun!

    Whatever occasion you're making your customs for we can guarantee that it is a ride. From coming up with the design to seeing them in digital form to getting them in the mail and finally putting them on. Are you ready to create?

If you've decided that you want to take a leap and design your own pair of kicks, right now is the ideal time because, from February 12-16th, 2020 you can save 15% on all custom printing. Let's get creating! 🎉 For inspiration, follow our Printshop Instagram!

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