The best time of the year is finally here, Halloween! We've all had a ghost encounter or two, maybe even an alien sighting here or there, experiences that leave you questioning your sanity and what better time to share your tales of horror than today? This year we've rounded up some of our own spooky stories to get you in the mood for this special day. So grab a friend, this is about to get scaaaary...


I was house-sitting at my best friend’s family house over the weekend a few years ago. It was wintertime and a cold day, my friend and I were inside quietly doing our respective homework in the living room of this big house in White Rock. No music or TV or anything, we were ~focussed~. There were two lovely bulldogs in the house, Buttercup (Butters to her friends) and her big bro Barkley. Both were sleeping soundly in their beds in the kitchen.

To set the scene, the main part of the house is an open layout with a big foyer entrance that has a big curving staircase that leads to the top floor where the master bedroom and two kids' rooms are. To the side of the entrance is a living room where we were sitting quietly working away. We had slept there the night before, in the master bedroom. Out of the silence, we heard a loud scream that sounded like it was coming from upstairs. My friend and I looked at each other with wide eyes - both not wanting to believe what we’d just heard. The air went thick and our hearts were racing. My adrenaline absolutely screaming through my body, I told her that there was someone else in the house and we needed to bolt. We grabbed both dogs (who were shockingly chill for once) and ran for the door.

Once we’d calmed down a bit (both of us were pretty easily spooked due to a pretty hairy past “playing” with our Ouija board in her 1902-built house as pre-teens) we called a friend to come help us “check the house out”, since we were pretty sure it was more ghostly than robber-y.

He came shortly after and we all ventured upstairs to where the scream had seemed to come from. There was nothing to see - no TVs in the bedrooms or radios that could have been glitchy. No open windows where a close-flying crow could have stuck a beak in to scare two (very easily spooked), girls. To this day, we still look at each other with those same wide eyes whenever the subject is brought up. It’s still a mystery, and still, no one believes us.


There is a ghost in the Baggins store. I’m sure of it because weird things happen when you're alone. This story is more on the superstitious side but believe me when I tell it. When I first started in the store, I would be the first one in the morning and if I didn't say hello to them (the ghosts) in the morning, things would go wrong, simple things like the tags-lists not working and the tills not adding up, all enhanced with a creepy vibe. I quickly learned that if I came in and greeted the ghosts as soon as I walked in, they would be good to me. It would be the best day ever!


My spookiest Baggins experience was when I was looking for shoes in the back when I heard a voice softly whisper my name through the aisles “Paula”. I stood there for a while paralyzed not believing what I had heard. Turns out it wasn’t a ghost, but in fact, my coworker Mike saying good morning.


It was an unassuming Sunday morning. I had to open up the bead shop. At that point in time, Market Square was not a happening place. Only maintenance men walking about. I walked up to the door to the dark store. Unlocked it. I went in and turned on the first two of four light switches. There’s a back hallway that houses a mess of beads, staff junk, and an old computer. There are two doorways to get to the back. I went through the beaded curtain into the dim hall. Headed to the other doorway where the last two switches are located.

Before I could turn the light on, my head snapped towards the inner island in the main part of the store. I saw a curvy woman, about 5’3, with long dark hair, standing by the phone on the wall. She was facing my direction. I did not turn on the light.

Luckily, I still had my bag and jacket on. I sped down the hall, back through the beaded curtain, and out the door. Locked it. Then I sat in the sun in the lower courtyard while I waited for my coworker to arrive. I never went into the store by myself again .


I was probably about 15 when it happened. It was a regular day in the life of a teenager, I was living in the valley and my house was in a beautiful wooded area. It was night time, and I was lying in bed looking out the window, the sky was clear and littered with stars, it was a sight I was lucky to see.

The forest by my house stood tall, there was always something eerie about it. I always wondered what lied beyond what my eye could see, what lurked around in the darkness, and if it could see me.

I was mesmerized by this thought, still captured by the stars when a bright light streaked across the sky. My eyes grew wide, my heart was pounding, the beat pulsating through my whole body. The light was green, glowing brightly, ducking past the trees and just as I was trying to make sense of it, it was gone, in a flash. I sat up and ran to the window to get a closer look, to see if it would happen again. I waited and waited, but nothing.

It was hard to get any sleep that night, my mind racing with the possibilities. The next day at school I told my friends what I had experienced, only to find out that some of them had seen it too.

The glowing green light in the sky remains a mystery to this day.

--- --- ---


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