Are they art? Are they shoes? Will they transport you to the runways of Milan? Yes, yes, and yes. Sneakers, meet high fashion.

Since 2010, Converse has teamed up with Italian fashion house Missoni to create fun and funky Chuck Taylors with no shortage of zigzag goodness. These ultra-cool sneakers feature Missoni’s signature print in colour-pop shades like teal, purple, and classic black and white. They’re the shoes you know and love, with a high-fashion makeover.

I know you’re dying to learn more about these must-have sneakers, so I wrote up a little FAQ. (Fraidy loves a good FAQ.)


I can’t afford Missoni...or can I?

Good news! Converse Missoni sneakers are actually affordable. You won’t have to forgo your thrice-daily Americano or sell your first-born child to get your hands on a pair. Styles range from $99.99 to $109.99, which means you’ll have enough cash left over to buy a pair for a friend. And by friend, I mean me. My shoe size is 2.


Are they just for girls?

Nope. Converse Missoni sneakers are for both guys and gals. The Fancy Hi-Top and Fancy Lo Top are a slimmed-down version of the classic All Star and are a bit more ladylike, but anyone can wear the other styles.


Does Diane Kruger wear Converse X Missoni sneakers?

Why yes, she does! The German beauty has been spotted in Missoni Chuck Taylors on quite a few occasions. She favours a pretty pastel green pair from the 2012 collection, but that’s cool. It just goes to show that these are go-to sneakers that never go out of style. (If you’re wondering why I chose to feature icy-cool Diane Kruger, it’s because she has a rescue kitty. And also because she’s dating Pacey Witter. I’m a sucker for Dawson’s Creek.)

diane kruger missoni converse


How do I wear them?

The beauty of these kicks is that they take the idea of “you can wear them with anything” to a whole new level. They’re great for school, work and play, of course, but even that office party your significant other is dragging you to. These are Missoni, after all, and there’s no reason why you can’t pair them with a snazzy cocktail dress or a preppy suit. Or bright-coloured skinny jeans. Or regular jeans. Or shorts. Or a skirt. These puppies work with whatever you have in your closet! (Except Missoni pants. Zigzag on zigzag might be a little much.)


Photos, please.

That’s not a question, but ok. Here are the latest 2014 Converse X Missoni Chuck Taylor All Stars:

missoni converse

Ready to show your fashion stripes—literally? Then check out the Converse X Missoni collection for yourself. And stay tuned for more great Fraidy-approved Missoni styles!