You’re in the right place. Whether you were around in these epic decades or not, our vintage-inspired kicks are the ultimate fashion throwback. (And way more flattering than those retro psychedelic cat sweaters I keep seeing around town. Seriously, people.)

The 70s - Converse Re-Release

The greatest thing about Chucks is how little they’ve changed over the past century. But the 1970s was a special time. That was when Converse became the uniform for legendary punk bands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. When skateboarders threw on a beat-up pair of Chucks to rip up empty swimming pools. And when basketball stars still wore All-Stars to play basketball.

And now, as if the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star wasn’t already dripping with nostalgia, the brand has come out with an ode to the 1970s. The ***Converse 1970s re-release***(link to features the classic silhouette of the 1970s with a few subtle updates (so subtle that only the most die-hard Converse fans, such as myself, will notice). Upon careful inspection, you’ll find all sorts of rad vintage details, plus slightly higher rubber foxing along the sole, added cushioning, and a slightly more substantial toe box.

Here are some of Fraidy’s favourites from this limited-edition collection:

Converse 1970s Hi Top - Heritage Blue

Converse 1970s Low Top - Crimson Red

The 80s - Van Doren Collection from Vans

Who’s Van Doren, you ask? It’s this guy:

His name is Steve Van Doren and his father co-founded Vans in the 1960s. Steve has been at the helm on the company for decades now and he’s a little obsessed with Hawaiian shirts and other outrageous prints. That’s not a bad thing, because those crazy patterns look awesome on a pair of Vans.

The Van Doren collection is inspired by Steve’s wacky sense of style. It’s a resurrection of classic vintage prints that channel the spirit of the 80s. Think checkerboards, skulls, paisley, daisies, and a whole lotta aloha.

Here are a couple of Fraidy’s favourites from this classic collection:

Vans Era Van Doren - Red/Yellow Hawaiian Print

***Vans Authentic Van Doren - Hawaiian Infused Skull Print

Don’t forget to take a quick Google tour to view them in their natural habitat at our store in downtown Victoria BC (Van Doren in the back left corner, 1970s Chucks on the table right in front of you), then check out the full Converse 1970s release and Van Doren collections!