The Lori Diamond Art collection features the colourful designs of Lori Felt, a versatile American artist and designer who uses mixed media to create art that inspires and heals. You’ll find her artwork on paintings in galleries, but it’s also made its way onto leggings, hats, shirts, bags, wallets, and of course, shoes!

Lori’s artwork is as meaningful as it is colourful. Focusing on supporting breast cancer and autism through her work, Lori aims to contribute to a socially conscious world. Lori is constantly donating her art to numerous charities, including the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation where she was also able to participate in the auction for charity last year.

Anyone who is feeling that Philly Pride might want to invest in a pair of Baggins Original Lori Diamond Art Philly Pride. The colours of these shoes will be unmatched by any other pair of shoes out there. Plus, the design is just so fun and cheerful even if you’ve never been to Philadelphia before.

we are what we create

The quote you see, “We Are What We Create” is attributed to James Oppenheim , an American poet, editor, and writer.

More in the cooler colour tones, the Baggins Original Lori Diamond Art #NY  is a street-art, urban-inspired design that allows you to showcase your love for the Big Apple.

New York City Converse

Then, for those of you getting married soon, the Baggins Original Lori Diamond Art Bride With Soul  is an eye-catching stunner of a shoe. Not only will it catch eyes, it’s bound to be comfy on the big day because it’s a Converse! We love the unique shade of pink that Lori has added to this design, and are so proud at how closely the Baggins print shop has been able to replicate it for wearing on your feet.

Lori Diamond Custom Converse

“Art has always been the essence of who I am. However, I never fully realized this until I became chronically ill and could no longer hold a paintbrush,” Lori says on her artist profile on “When my health was restored, I felt as though I was given a second chance and discovered my true purpose: celebrate living and celebrate the beauty of life through my visions. Now anything that I gaze upon appears to have an inner brilliance that I was not able to fully realize before. My color palette intensified to mimic my new blissful passion for life. I found myself experimenting by letting my soul lead the way.”

In addition to the sneakers featured here, Lori has a line of luggage with UGOBAGS (so that your shoes and luggage may match!) and her original art is available in a select number of galleries in the USA.

Feeling like you want more Lori? Check out what’s happening on her Instagram. (Hint: It contains the images below and more.)

Custom Converse 7 Custom Converse Gallery Custom Converse Lori Diamond Custom Converse by Lori Diamond

Side Note: Speaking of brides, Baggins is always stoked to help outfit wedding parties. In fact, this is a great way to put our Custom Print Shop to good use. We have a partnership with MyWedding, a North American online wedding planner, which means we can outfit wedding parties with bulk orders of custom-coloured shoes to match any bridesmaid dress or groomsmen tuxedo. We have been collecting plenty of pics of said wedding parties for a while now and will be presenting those soon in a future blog post. But here are some teaser pics for now:

Converse Bride

Above: Ladies show off pink Converse low tops while the bride rocks white low tops outlined in pink.

Chuck Taylor Wedding

Above: In another wedding, it’s purple for the groomsmen, grey for the groom: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low-Top Dolphin. (Source:,

At the Baggins Custom Print Shop, we customize Converse All-Star Hi-Tops, Converse All-Star Low-Tops, and Vans Classic Slip-Ons. Our print shop staff makes every possible effort to ensure each pair of shoes we produce is of the highest quality. We have our own Instagram Page that highlights all the good stuff coming out of the Baggins Print Shop, so please check it out!

Because they are made custom to order, please allow for minor imperfections with inking and layout. Please note that because these shoes are made custom per order, there are NO returns or exchanges on any orders.

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