White Chucks

White converse (high or low cut) provide a clean canvas for many DIY projects. Baggins Shoes sells hi-tops and low-tops in white and a variety of other colors. https://bagginsshoes.com/converse-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-low-top-optic-white-m7652.html

1. Add iron on patches to your Chucks.

Lately, I have seen patches being added to bomber jackets and jean jackets, and I love it. With the revival of fun patches, why not add them to Converse? Find patches that match your personal style or a certain theme you have in mind. My favorite look is colorful patches on white hi-tops. With iron on patches, this DIY doesn’t take too long at all. For extra safety, sew in the patches.

Shoe patches2. Add buttons or bottle caps

This is a DIY I have actually done. I recently added bottle caps (the old fashioned kind) to some of my older shoes. Each bottle cap is unique and tells its own story. Adding multiple bottle caps transforms the entire look of the side of the shoe. Buttons can also be used to add some personal flair to the basic sneaker.

Converse Canvas3. Use an oil based Sharpie to draw a design on the Canvas

For this DIY be certain to use an oil based Sharpie. However, first using a pencil to trace out your design is a great idea for a successful end DIY project. With the Sharpie in hand, you can mark up your Chucks however you wish. Draw on the toe cap, the rubber sides, or the canvas. Use a black sharpie on a white shoe or multiple colors. The possibilities are endless. If you’re artsy, this is the project for you!

Ribbon laces4. Add ribbon laces

This simple DIY can transform the look of your shoe in minutes. Choose a ribbon that compliments the color of your shoes. The ribbon can be a solid color or pattern. Changing the ribbon laces to fit certain holidays is a fun and cost effective way to keep your shoes styling.

Baggins DIY5. Visit Baggins Shoes online to DIY your own pair with a professional print job

If you’re worried about attempting a DIY project alone, worry no longer. Baggins Shoes offers a unique product: customized Converse and Vans products. This means that you can submit a design or design idea through our website. Our team will work with you to create a one of a kind design that you will love. Each shoe is printed on with ink for a permanent, long-lasting design. This product is perfect for the family member or friend who has an obsession with unique shoes and also for businesses to promote their brand. We offer hi-top and low-top Converse as well as slip on Vans.

We can’t wait to see your designs to come to life!

Here are a few of my favorite Baggins Originals (https://bagginsshoes.com/womens/converse/baggins-originals).



Converse Custom Lips


Thanks again- Alyx (Social Media Intern Baggins Shoes)