How much do you love Converse? Test your knowledge of the brand and its history with this short Converse 101 Quiz.

1.The year is 1908.  How much would you pay for a pair of Converse sneakers?

  • A)$1.00
  •  B)$10.00
  •  C)$ 30.00
  •  D)Converse sneakers did not exist in 1908

Converse Sneakers

2. Converse sneakers appeared in which of the following movies?

  • A) Back to the Future
  •  B) Harry Potter
  •  C)Star Wars
  • D)Grease  for you list of movies.

3. The Converse brand is now owned by:

  •  A) Nike
  •  B) Reebok
  •  C) Brooks
  •  D) Saucony

4. Converse’s white hi-tops were created for the USA Olympics with its red and blue stripes to symbolism patriotism.  In what Olympic Year did this take place?

White hi-tops

  • A) 1936
  •  B) 2016
  • C) 2002
  • D)They never appeared at the OLYMPICS

low cut converse sneakers

5._____ is the name for low cut Converse sneakers.


  • A) Oxford
  • B) All Stars
  • C) Low Cut
  • D) There is no formal name.

6. In 1931, the word(s) ______ was/were added to the patch seen on hi-tops.

1970s patch

  • A) Converse
  • B) All Stars
  • C) Chuck Taylor
  • D) Marquis Converse

7. The basic Converse shoe design has not changed since _____.

black chuck taylors

  • A) 1908
  • B) 1917
  • C) 1949
  • D) 2001

8. _____ is a Brooklyn-based recording studio that is owned by Converse.

  • A) Converse Records
  • B) Chuck Taylor Studios
  • C) Rubber Tracks
  • D) Sole Studio

9. Who was the business owner for Converse Rubber Shoe Company, which opened in 1908?

  • A) Marquis M. Converse
  • B) Charles “Chuck” Taylor
  • C) John C. Calhoun
  • D) Chuck ConverseConverse Rubber Shoe Company

10. Converse All-Stars fit which of the following categories?

  • A) a Converse-sponsored basketball team
  • B) one name for Converse sneakers
  • C) a Converse-sponsored football team
  • D) a Converse owned restaurant chain

11. The original Converse shoe had what color rubber sole?

Blackgum Converse

  • A) Gum
  • B) White
  • C)Black
  • D) Clear

12. The eyelets on the sides of Converse came about in 1932. What was the main purpose for this addition?

  • A) For a better look and design
  • B) For ventilation
  • C) To go back to the original design which was changed in 1929 to have no eyelets
  • D) Basketball players wanted to differentiate their Chucks from casual leisure Chucks

13. Charles “Chuck Taylor” played what sport? He later coached this sport when the Converse brand sponsored a team.

  • A) Football
  • B) Rugby
  • C) Baseball
  • D) Basketball

14. Have you been keeping up with the Baggins blog? What kind of Converse sneakers did we feature in our last blog post?

  • A) Flip flops
  • B) Sandals
  • C) Knee hi boots
  • D) Rain boots

15. What color Converse sneakers does the Clemson University Jazz Band wear?

  • A) Purple
  • B) Red
  • C) Orange
  • D) White

(Scroll to the bottom to see the answers.)

0-4 Correct: You’re the Converse Rubber Shoe Company. There is still a lot for you to learn about the Converse brand but you already feel a connection to the brand’s products. You have a feeling that just like Rubber Shoe Company, if you do a little research, you can become an expert over time.

5-8 Correct: You’re the Rubber Sole of the Converse. You have a strong foundation of knowledge about Converse. You’re ready to prove to people that you can stand the test of time and learn more about the brand. Just like the iconic design, people know you have a liking for the shoe.

9-12 Correct: You’re Rubber Tracks. Your knowledge of the brand ranks pretty high, but just as people are continuously discovering Rubber Tracks, a Converse owned recording studio, you are still discovering and learning new facts surrounding the shoe you love.

13-15 Correct: You’re Chuck Taylor Himself. Just like Chuck Taylor, you are quite the salesman for marketing the Converse brand. You love Converse and likely own more than just a couple pairs.


  1. $1.00
  2. Back to the Future & b. Harry Potter & d. Grease
  3. Nike
  4. 1936
  5. oxford
  6. Chuck Taylor
  7. 1949
  8. Rubber Tracks

Rubber Tracks

9. Marquis M. Converse

10. a Converse-sponsored basketball team & b. one name for Converse sneakers

11. black

12. for ventilation

13. basketball

14. rain boots

15. orange