Converse has been known to launch summer collections. Their past summer looks are some of my favorite. I own two summer pairs. One a flip flop style. The other is Roman thong inspired. Sadly, when I purchased these shoes, I did not realize how difficult it can be to find seasonal collections. Both pairs have seen lots of love as I can clearly see their wear and tear.

Converse All Star Cut Away Sandal Converse Sandal

I can’t wait for the 2017 summer collection to launch, however the current spring collection already has me ready to purchase some more Chucks for my unique collection.

Here at Baggins Shoes, we have recently launched the Spring Collection with pastel colored rubber sides and toe caps. This is a completely new look. We haven’t seen Converse choose these colors for the rubber in the past, and if you don’t buy them soon, it is likely they’ll be hard to find in the future.

Spring collection


While the pastel rubber look keeps the basic design of the low-cut shoe in mind, Converse has also recently launched a completely new design style utilizing lines instead of curves. Based on a low cut design, it provides a thinner silhouette allowing it to be a simple and clean look which can be matched with jeans, a skirt, or even a dress. The use of angled lines makes the shoe have a lower profile. It is a shoe that looks great with or without socks. My favorite look is the shoe seen below (with no socks) paired with a dress. It is perfect for a causal look or trip downtown.

Grey Pastel

If you love the classic hi-top look but are searching for something that says spring, look no further. A recently launched spring collection keeps your favorite look but adds flair in changing the color of the canvas. New colors including fuchsia (see below), fresh yellow, menta, light surplus, sunset glow, and others are all part of our Spring 2017 Season Color Collection. The shoes are just as fun as their color names. With fresh new colors, purchasing a pair will make you set for spring.

Fuschia Converse


From different materials such as mesh, canvas, and wool to different colored rubber soles, Converse is hoping to provide a look you love. If you are still searching for the perfect pair, don’t be worried. Each season Converse is adding shoes to their collection. These limited edition shoes are sure to never go out of style. Wait a few years and you will find your favorite Spring 2017 shoe to be limited edition once again or stay up to date with the latest picks each season. Here at Baggins Shoes, we’ll be making sure you have a new selection of sneakers on the regular ( Happy spring and happy shopping!

-Alyx (Social Media Intern Baggins)