Never mind the weather on the Wet Coast, as long as you and your pair of weatherized shoes are together.

If your winter shoe collection could use a little sprucing up this season, the team here at Baggins has got you covered with our fall and winter lines of Vans and Converse. There are plenty of ways to continue to rock Vans and Converse when the weather gets lousy out there.


If you’re a loyal Converse fan, you know full-well how awesome their Woolrich collection is, and how effective their Rubberized varieties are at battling wet sidewalks, but have you heard or seen the demonstration of the Converse Shield Canvas Technology yet?

Converse Shield Canvas Technology is Converse’s new remarkable water-repellent canvas. You can’t tell how magical it is just by looking at it on the store shelf, though. (You’ll have to watch this video of the Converse Shield Canvas in Action to truly see how well it works).

Converse All Star II 'Counter Climate' Technology Feature from Hype DC.

We are digging the new Shield technology right now because it works without detracting from the look and feel of traditional converse sneakers, as you can see with the Chuck Taylor All Star Shield Canvas High Top Black/White/Mason.


black converse shield canvas

They are also available in off-white. The perfect compromise for white sneakers in fall, these water-resistant, off-white Chuck Taylor All Star Shield Canvas High Top Buff/Aqua/White are made for overcast rainy days.


white converse shield canvas

Or try them out in a slightly bluer version with the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas Hi Top in Polar Blue/Buff/White

chucks II converse shield canvas polar blue


Shield technology from Converse is also available for low-tops with the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas Low Top in Jade/White/Aegean Aqua


jade converse shield canvas

And the Converse Chuck Taylor II Low Top Shield Canvas Green/ Red

chuck taylor ii canavs


The best part about the Converse Shield Canvas Technology is that it doesn't add much to the price of your Chucks! To see more items featuring Shield technology available at Baggins, click here


While we have you thinking of Converse, we must point out a few of our favourite Rubberized pairs that are perfect for wet weather.

First, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Low Top Black/Black/Black are a completely water-repellent low top with a gusseted tongue and no medial eyelets to keep your feet desert dry and cozy. Made from canvas-backed rubber with a wool lining, these shoes are as comfy as they are functional and stylish.

water repellent converse rubber


We also love the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Translucent Rubber Mason/Mason that offer a bit more coverage.

Transluscent Rubber converse


Then there are the bold and beautiful Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Rise Boot Rubber Red/Red. With their water-repellent rubber uppers to keep you dry, and a wool lining to keep you warm, they offer the ultimate in winterized footwear from Converse.

converse high rise rubber boot


Now, for this last one you might feel like doing a double-take. The Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Shroud Hi in Translucent Rubber Black/White represent a truly unique shoe. Encased in clear rubber that zippers opened and closed, these canvas Converse allow for the comfort of regular Converse with the added bonus of the water-resistant rubber.

converse shroud hi


Next we are going to switch gears to showcase some items we have in stock from the fall 2016 Vans All Weather MTE line. As per a statement from Vans, the MTE line includes “an upgraded series of classic Vans footwear and apparel silhouettes that feature weatherized technology and construction while staying true to Vans’ timeless cool and classic aesthetic now also fit for the harsh seasons.”

More specifically, the MTE styles feature premium Scotchgard-treated leather uppers, warm fleece linings, and a heat retention layer in between.

In some MTE examples, like the Vans Sk8-Hi (MTE) Black, the lug outsole draws from the functionality of snow boots and makes this style perfect for any weather condition.

vans sk8-hi


In other MTE styles, like the Vans SK8-Hi MTE Glazed Ginger, the reverse waffle print adds traction for slippery and snowy surfaces, making the Glazed Ginger the perfect combination of sneaker and winter boot:

vans sk8 hi glazed ginger


For sassier style hunters, the Vans Sk8-Hi 46 MTE (Pebble Leather) Port Royale were made to handle the cold!

vans sk8 hi port royale


If those seem a little too wintery for you, or you find that the cold weather isn't quite harsh enough for boots, the MTE Vans line also supports the Vans Old Skool styles. Check out the Vans Old Skool (MTE) Black/Tweed

vans old skool black


And the Vans Old Skool (MTE) Pewter/Plaid as prime examples.


vans old skool pewter

So, What’s Scotchgard and What’s It Doing On Your Shoes?

Scotchgard is a brand of a stain repellent spray that is often applied to fabric, furniture, and carpets. While its true purpose is to protect items from stains, it’s also water repellent. This means that people who add it to their shoes get the best of both world come winter time: No more mud stains and no more wet feet— water beads and runs rather than soaking through to your socks. The original formula for Scotchgard was discovered accidentally in 1952 by 3M chemists Patsy Sherman and Samuel Smith.


You’ve gotta love the Fall season. If not for the return of pumpkin spiced everything, gingerbread lattes, ski season, and holiday cheer, but for the return of the Fall wardrobe, including scarves, jackets, shoes, and boots.

To find the right fall and winter shoes and boots to suit your needs this season, look no further than Baggins. Come visit us in Downtown Victoria, or browse the rest of the Baggins Web Store. You’ll love our fast shipping times and no-hassle return policy.


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Stay Warm Out There!