Blaire Hydro Sandal

Gladiator sandals have dominated summer fashion for years now and Dr. Martens isn’t shy about this trend. The Blaire Hydro Sandal is an ankle-high gladiator sandal featuring three across-the-top straps and one adjustable ankle strap to ensure the best fit. They are built on a high-density foam platform sole that is both lightweight and trendy. They have the classic yellow welt stitches, so you’ll know what brand you’re wearing just by looks alone. This is perfect for someone with an average width foot as they aren’t overly large fitting but also allow for slight adjustments. These come in Black and White.


Voss Sandal

Looking for a more traditional sandal? The Dr. Martens Voss sandal is your go-to. These sandals have a thick strap and an adjustable rear and ankle strap allowing you to create the perfect fit. Featured on the same platform high-density foam sole, these are lightweight, quick-drying, and trendy. These come in a vegan black and matte black leather option, so are great for both lovers of vegan options and leather-lovers!


Voss II Sandal

If you like the fit of the Voss but want a bit more pizazz, the Voss II is the same fit, this time with a criss-cross strap across the top of your foot. Great for someone looking for a classic sandal fit, lightweight sole, and a bit of a different look. 


Brando Myles Sandal/ Blaire Slide

Have a wider foot? The Brando Myles sandal is for you. The Brando version is a slide with two adjustable cross-foot straps which allow for you to adjust for a wide fit. These are featured on a rubber sole which makes them a bit heavier but also more durable. Ps., They come in Men’s sizes.
Looking for women’s sizes, check out the Blaire Slide Sandal. This is a three-strap slide with adjustable straps making it perfect for both wide and more narrow feet. This version has a high-density foam sole which is lightweight and quick drying.

Looking for sandals from other brands, we offer a few styles from Converse such as the Converse One Star Slip Sandal in Black, Dolphin, and Egret. In addition, we have a minimal number of sandals from Vans such as the Nexpa Sandal and the Slide-On or Cayucas Mega Platform Slide-on.

Don’t worry we also have summer sandals coming for both toddlers and Kids from Converse, arriving in June 2021.

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