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Jaime wears Vans Old Skool kicks.

Introduce yourself:

Dear diary, it’s me J’aime. I’m really trying to work on "live, laugh, love myself" this year, and what better way to do it then trying to be a Grade A sales superstar on the Baggins sales team!! Positive thoughts only girl, xoxo J’aime <3

How would you describe your style?

Under $10. All of the unworn clothes you got rid of years later because your grandma got you them for Christmas and it would have been rude to discard of them right away. And then turned into a crop top.

J'aime wearing Vans Slip-ons outside of Victoria City Hall.

Tell us about your shoe collection!

Mostly Vans, but some Cons here and there. My first pair of Vans are retired in the back of my closet and will be buried with me.

What are your current top 3 product picks?

Firstly, I'd go with the Vans Diamo NI (Call Out) Dust Olive/Black, then it has to be the Vans Sk8-Hi (Hairy Suede) Sunflower/Snow White and finally, you have to check out the Vans Classic Slip-On 138 (Canvas) in Moonbeam

What do you do during your free time?

Craftin’, snackin’ and askin’ my Magic 8 ball things!

What do you love most about Victoria?

Beaches, babes and (Pink Bicycle) burgers. And it’s not Calgary, Alberta.

J'aime wearing navy Vans Old Skool while in a tub.

What’s the craziest/best/most different thing you’ve done in a pair of Vans?

I once ate a whole plate of nachos meant for two by myself.

What are your current favourite tunes?

Karen Dalton – Reason to Believe, Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight, Da Rude – Sandstorm. Or anything by ABBA, The Beach Boys, or Polo & Pan.

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

What do you love most about working for Baggins?

Making buttons, meeting super cool customers and making friends!

If you had to choose one shoe for the rest of your life, which style/brand would it be?

Easy – Vans Black Ball Priz.

Any life/shoe/personal advice you would like to share with our readers?

Eat your peas.

--- --- ---

J'aime in Vans classic slip-ons

So there we have it from J'aime!

This spunky lady brings a lot hilarity to the Baggins table as well as charm and we are ever so blessed for it. If you ever have a minute when you're wandering down Johnson Street feel free to stop in and have a chat with her, or another member of our fantastic team at the store - especially if your name is Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Just remember to be sure you've eaten all your peas before your visit!

Do yourself a favour and swing by shop if you ever find yourself in need of a question answered ambiguously, J'aime and her trusty Magic 8 ball are good for the job. Baggins is located in the LoJo shopping district, nestled in the heart of downtown Victoria at 580 Johnson Street. You might even catch Jaime in one of her well-loved pairs of shoes with patches covering the holes in the toes. They're pretty cute, we promise.

--- --- ---


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