This fall, Baggins is stoked to announce it has in stock an assortment of Herschel fall fashion beanies. Yep, that’s right. The brand you know and love for its reliable backpacks, like the Heritage, Pop Quiz , and Settlement lines, also make seasonal headwear to match:


The Herschel Quartz Beanie Classic Acrylic Black is a classic roll-brim toque. Made of 100% acrylic, this Herschel hat is sure to keep you warm and looking good no matter how ugly the weather.  With such a classic look and feel, you’ll be able to pair this with any outdoor apparel you already own.

herschel beanie - black

Or, pick one up in navy with the Herschel Quartz C Beanie Washed Navy.   

herschel hat - navy

The Herschel Quartz Beanies are a part of the Herschel Supply’s Classic Collection, which features “timeless silhouettes inspired by the world around us.”

If you’d rather go for more flair up top, Herschel still has your head covered. The Herschel Sepp Acrylic Beanie Black is a medium ribbed rollover detailed with a soft, splayed acrylic pom-pom. It is made of 100% acrylic and features a felt H.S.Co circular patch.

black herschel beanie

Herschel Sepp Acrylic Beanies are also available in heathered patterns, like the Herschel Sepp Acrylic Beanie Heathered Oatmeal.

heathered herschel hat

(Wondering what ‘heathered’ is all about? It’s a term used in clothing that refers to interwoven yarns of mixed colors—as seen in lots of socks and scarves. Heathering is commonly used to mix multiple shades of grey or grey and another color, think athletic grey, but any two colors can be used. Doesn’t the heathering as seen here add a certain warmth to these Herschel hats?)

This is just the start of a larger collection of Herschel Fall 2016 headwear we have in store for you. For more options, check us out in person, and keep checking back to our Web Store. We update our stock daily! In addition to Herschel, we stock a ton of Vans, Converse, and Stance.

Why So Acrylic?

As you may have picked up on, acrylic fabric, made from synthetic fibers that are made from any long-chain synthetic polymer, is a go-to textile for Herschel’s fall headwear collection. The reasons are plentiful and come straight from the Textile Exchange, a global directory of textile manufacturers.

Advantages of Acrylic:



  • high in performance but also has a luxurious feel
  • drapes very well
  • lightweight but with a bit of bulk
  • comfortable to wear due to high moisture management (great for the dermisphere*!)
  • colorfast, meaning dyes won’t run
  • odour and mildew resistant
  • excellent pleat retention
  • quick drying and machine washable
  • provides excellent insulation and warmth without any extra weight



Enter the Dermisphere


According to Textile Exchange, the dermisphere is: “the air space between human skin and clothing.” The definition goes on: “Whatever may be the air temperature, or in whatever activity a wearer may be engaged, the type of fibers and the construction of the fabric [of one’s clothing] wholly affects the state of this dermisphere.” In other words: “The type of fibers and construction of the fabric directly affect the climate in one's dermisphere.”

Although we could only find the one and only definition of the word out there on good ol’ Google, we kind of love it, and know that Herschel headwear is going to do your “dermisphere” (and more!) a lot of favours this season.

Who is the Herschel Brand of Backpacks and Accessories Named After?

Vancouver-based Herschel Supply Co. was founded in 2009 by brothers Lyndon and Jamie Cormack who named their company after a small town in Saskatchewan, which is where their family first settled in Canada. Herschel’s boasts a huge selection of backpackstotes duffles wallets, and hats , in addition to the stylish beanies featured here.

You can’t ride a BC Ferry or attend UVic without seeing at least a few Herschel backpacks and accessories in the crowd.

To find the right fall and winter accessories to suit your lifestyle, look no further than Baggins. Come visit us in Downtown Victoria, or browse the rest of the Baggins Web Store.

However you choose to partake in the Baggins experience, you’re guaranteed a win-win. We are as known for our friendly staff (so come and see us in person!) as we are for our fast shipping times when you buy online.

Give the Gift of Baggins

Yeah, we know you’re busy putting the finishing touches on your Halloween 2016 costume, but a few of you out there are also getting ready to switch gears into holiday shopping. Baggins has thousands of items for the people on your list this year. If you’re already full up on beanies, why not grab one for the hard-to-shop-for co-worker or brother-in-law on your shopping list this year?

Stay Warm Out There!