The Joy Division x New Order collection celebrates two of the UK's most influential bands, on three stunning 1460 Dr. Martens styles. Taking inspiration from iconic album covers designed by Peter Saville, each one of these limited edition boots becomes must-have wearable art! This collaboration is the perfect pairing of music and subculture, which will hit all the right notes for any Doc lover or music lover alike.

Let's take a closer look at the
Joy Division x New Order collection!

First up we have the band that started it all, Joy Division. Breaking onto the scene and developing a unique style, Joy Division quickly became pioneers for the post-punk movement with the release of their debut album 'Unknown Pleasures' in 1979. In a short amount of time, they made a huge impact across the UK before the untimely death of front-man Ian Curtis. Despite their short career, Joy Division's influence has spanned the globe with a legacy like no other. They also paved the way for embracing melancholy moods and expression that we see in alternative music today.

Dr. Martens x Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Monochrome Boot

The 'Unknown Pleasures' album art is easily the most recognizable imagery when you think of Joy Division. What appears at first to be just white squiggle lines across a pitch black backdrop, is actually a sound landscape. This isn't just any old sound landscape, this album art takes inspiration from the first ever pulsar ever recorded. Based on a picture of radio waves of the pulsar CP 1919, Peter Saville's design perfectly encapsulates the essence of the Joy Division. Is it the raw angst, surging power, deep cutting melodic sounds or the correlations to the unknown hollows of space that make this album so iconic? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words but Joy Division's sound transcends time.

Dr. Martens x Joy Division Boots

With a cover so symbolic, it's no wonder Dr. Martens chose 'Unknown Pleasures' for a new spin on one of their classic 1460 boots. Taking this pop-culture icon to a whole new level, Dr. Martens has embossed the sound landscape onto smooth black leather for a monochrome look. Pay tribute to one of the most ground breaking bands to come out of the UK in the late 70's with this piece from Dr. Martens Joy Division x New Order collection!

Let's pause this music talk for a brief moment
& take a peek at the world of science and space!

What is a pulsar? While pulsars often look like flickering stars, the light from pulsars do not flicker or pulse and they are not actually stars! Pulsars appear to flicker because they spin while radiating two steady beams of light in opposite directions. No longer a "living" star, pulsars are objects called neutron stars that form when a star bigger than the sun runs out of fuel and collapses in on itself. The neutron star or pulsar is the remnants of compact matter left over from this massive explosion often referred to as a supernova. The first pulsar, CP 1919, was discovered in 1967 by Jocelyn Bell Burnell and her colleague Antony Hewish. NEAT!

From the ashes of Joy Division rose New Order!

While their early years were overshadowed by the demise of Joy Division, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris soon prevailed under the name of New Order. Shaking off the legacy of their former band, New Order adopted a new electronic sound which earned them the best selling 12" single with 'Blue Monday' in 1983. This new style and influence paired with their involvement with record label Factory Records and its nightclub 'The Haçienda' made them living legends for years to come.

Dr. Martens x New Order Collaboration

The 1983 album 'Power, Corruption & Lies' cover art is a reproduction of the painting 'A Basket of Roses' by French artist Fantin-Latour. Long time New Order collaborator, Peter Saville stumbled up on this work of art on a postcard at a London art gallery. Opting for what would become their trademark minimalist packaging, New Order's sophomore album has flowers adorning the front as well as a colour code alphabet on the back.

Dr. Martens New Order Boots

Dr. Martens' use of the 'Power, Corruption, & Lies' cover art on one of their 8 hole lace up boots was a smart choice! By printing the floral decor onto a cristal suede leather, they gave the boots the appearance of antique canvas just like the original painting! Not only are these blooming boots beautiful but they are hip with 2018 flower power trends! One thing we know for certain is that these boots won't last long! Don't miss out, order today online or come check them out in store to see what all the fuss is about.

Finally we have the last style from the
Joy Division x New Order collection!

Last but certainly not least, from the 1989 New Order album 'Technique' we have our final style from the Joy Division x New Order collection. Technique is the fifth studio album from New Order and was partially recorded in Ibiza. By introducing Balearic beats and acid house influences to their dance rock sound, New Order had their first number one album on the UK charts.
Dr. Martens x New Order TechniqueOnce again, Peter Saville had a hand in designing the technicolour album cover. This time he found his cherub muse at an antique shop which they wound up renting for the photo shoot. Saville's use of the garden ornament against such a vivid backdrop represents the hedonism in the music scene at the time.

Keeping with the kaleidoscopic colour theme Dr. Martens updates their iconic 1460 boot with an ombre colour way with the cherub as the focal point. If you're looking to add to add a little dazzle to your wardrobe, look no further than this brilliant style from the Joy Division x New Order collection! These eye-catching full-grain leather Docs are the perfect way to pay homage to one of the UK's most celebrated bands. *Please note: the Technique boot will be arriving at Baggins mid August!

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Nothing excites us more than shoes, than shoes featuring music! This exclusive collection has already sold out in other regional markets, so don't snooze on this release! Order today and make your music loving heart happy!


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