But whether you’re a brand-new baby rocking your first Converse crib shoes or a seasoned Converse fan, it’s wise to show your shoes some love. After all, they’re part of a legacy that’s nearly a century old. Respect, yo.

Here are a few quick and easy tips for keeping your Converse looking great for years to come:

Make sure you buy real Converse shoes

This is a biggie. Before you do anything, you need to make sure you buy 100% authentic Converse shoes from a reputable store. Converse is known for its durability and quality, and anything less than the real thing will leave you disappointed.


Get out the baking soda

Not the type of person who keeps baking soda in your cupboard? Me neither. I just borrowed some from my uber-domestic neighbour. Or, you could always go out and buy some yourself. Your call. This is important stuff.

Once you’ve located some baking soda, mix it with a bit of laundry detergent until it forms a paste. Then, dump some warm water on your shoes, grab an old toothbrush and get to work. Scrub your shoes all over with the paste, rinse, scrub, and rinse again. Rinse really well. Stuff your shoes with newspaper (it helps hold the shape) and let them sit overnight.

Whatever you do, don’t throw them in the dryer! I know you’re dying to wear your Converse, but direct heat will destroy them.

In the morning, you’ll wake up to a pair of sparkling Converse shoes. Is there any better way to start the day?

Note: This only works for canvas, rubber or leather. If your Converse shoes are suede, don’t get them wet! Simply brush away dirt with a suede brush, when shoes are dry.

care for your chucks

Relax the laces

It’s easy to fall into the ol’ lazy-lace habit. You know, when you leave your shoes laced up 24/7/365, even though you have to ruin them in order to put them on.

It only takes 5 seconds to lovingly unlace your Converse shoes, and another 5 seconds to lace them back up. That little bit of time helps your shoes keep their shape!


Let them breathe

Shoes get stinky. It’s a fact of life. That’s why it’s so important to give your Converse some air!

Now, I know you love your Converse shoes to bits and would sleep in them if you had the chance. But, your shoes need a break every once in a while. Let them get some fresh air (in the shade, of course) and clean the with baking soda paste I mentioned before.

Oh, and wear socks. Bare feet + shoes = bad news.

There you have it! So simple. If you want to chat more about the joy of cleaning Converse shoes, about just about Converse in general, get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you. And of course, you can always check out our incredible selection of Converse shoes online.