Enter: Converse and Vans sneakers.

Just because these iconic brands have a long history of classic style doesn’t mean they don’t have a nerdy side. They do—you just haven’t discovered it yet. And it’s my job as style cat to help you find that perfect shoe, no matter your personality.

That said, here are 9 sneakers that’ll let your nerdiness shine:

Converse Cat in The Hat

Cats first, of course! These fun sneaks are a celebration of Dr. Seuss’ most iconic character. Style: All Star Lo Top.


Vans Star Wars Stormtrooper

A custom-designed bandanna print with Stormtrooper graphics. Style: Classic low top.


Vans Star Wars A New Hope

A custom graphic of the 1977 classic film poster. Style: Classic slip-on.

Converse All Star Justice League

A mashup of some of your favourite DC comic characters. Style: All Star Hi Top.


Converse Batman 

A classic canvas Converse featuring your fave moody superhero. Style: All Star Hi Top. See more.


Converse Superman Symbol

A classic denim look for a classic DC character. Style: All Star Hi Top.


Converse If I Ran the Zoo

Converse has brought the colourful, wacky 1950s book to the adult world. Style: All Star Hi Top.

And let’s not forget about the kids! The wee ones also need to geek out once in a while.


Converse Kids Good Vs. Evil Hahaha!

On one side, The Joker. On the other, Batman. An epic battle on your feet, complete with HAHAHA laces. Style: All Star Hi Top.


Converse Kids Superman Logo

An itty-bitty version of the classic denim logo shoe. Style: All Star Hi Top.

Love what you see? If you’d like to customize your very own shoes, nerdy or not, you can always create your own kicks online!