Angie DiFran

Baggins Blog (BB): Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Angie DiFran (ADF): I have been a tattooer at Tattoo Zoo since late July of 2018. If you'd like to know how I came to be a tattooer you're more than welcome to come to the shop, get a tattoo and hear the tale.

BB: Tell us how you came to find your signature style?

ADF: I enjoy the three building blocks of tattooing; American Traditional, black and grey, and Japanese.

Angie DiFran TattoosBB: What is your favourite thing about tattooing?

ADF: I like doing walk-in tattoos.

BB: Can you talk us through your customized Baggins Original?

ADF: The designs for my shoe collaboration are based on American Traditional style tattoos.

BB: Converse, Dr. Martens or Vans – what’s your go-to shoe?

ADF: I regularly wear Dr. Martens and have a great collection of Converse.

Angie DiFran Tattoos

BB: What's your favourite thing to do in Victoria?

ADF: I love working here.

BB: What are you currently watching on Netflix?

ADF: I’ve been watching The Flash lately.

BB: Can you tell us about the space where you create?

ADF: I like drawing at home, or at work.

BB: What artist's tool is the most important for you?

ADF: I can't tattoo without my machines or tattoo supplies.

Angie DiFran Tattoos

BB: Do you have any fun, upcoming projects that you’re working on?

ADF: Covering a gentleman's exes name with a giant dragon.

BB: What are the top three highlights of your life?

ADF: Being born, marrying my husband, and...coffee.

BB: Describe your fashion aesthetic for us.

ADF: Anything that's clean.

BB: Your favourite quote?

ADF: “Bold will hold". Angie DiFran Custom Bold Low Tops


Tattoo Zoo has been providing a welcoming atmosphere for all walks of life since 1994. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Victoria, you can find Tami Tattoos and the rest of this team of creatives just outside the Fabulous Fort neighbourhood, at 826 Fort Street. Tattoo Zoo has built a reputation as a leading tattoo studio in the city for providing the highest quality body-art in a variety of styles. Whether you're in need of a cover-up, a bold pop of colour, a beautiful black and grey piece or something more traditional, Tattoo Zoo is the place for you. If you haven't check them out before, do yourself a favour and stop in to say hello! One thing is for sure, Angie DiFran and the other folks at Tattoo Zoo love tattooing you!

Learn even more about Angie DiFran and Tattoo Zoo by visiting their website or checking out their IG feed! If you're in the neighbourhood, we suggest popping by the shop! You might even get to meet Gerry and Sarah's insta-famous pup, Walter. Stay tuned for more Tattoo Zoo greatness coming your way in a flash!

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