shoe laces

#1. Laces

This is probably the easiest and quickest way to totally personalize a pair of kicks! At Baggins, we carry a huge selection of laces with so many colours, patterns, and sizes to choose from. Maybe black laces on black shoes is your thing, or lime green on neon yellow, or even double up on the sparkle. The combinations are endless!

#2. Synch Bands

We know you have places to be, and really, who has the patience to stop and tie the perfect bow all the time? With Synch Bands, you can make any shoe a slip-on so you never have to slow down. Yes, we really do mean any shoe! These elastic laces come in 3 sizes and a range of colours, so you can personalize even more.

stance socks

#3 Stance Socks

A shoe without socks is just stinky. Good thing socks come in an array of wild and crazy prints. Stance has something for everyone, from flashy patterns to pop culture references. Even better, their Infiknit socks come with a lifetime warranty!

#4 Vans Socks

Is something low-key more your style? We carry Vans socks as well, which means you can go for a classic crew checkerboard or a basic white ankle sock. Want to keep your favourite things close to your sole? Try patterned no-show socks to be fun but not clashy.

#5 Insoles

You’ve heard it before: comfort is key, and if you feel good you look good. Insoles can really make a shoe your own by adjusting the fit and feel. At Baggins, we carry Dr. Martens insoles specific to their products, or Kneed 3/4 insoles for sneakers of all kinds. Give them a try to find what’s right for you.

#6 Shoe Care

Scuffed versus shiny shoes is a never-ending debate, but it really comes does to personal preference. If you keep ‘em clean, the Jason Marks kit has got everything you need for kicks that look brand new. Even if you take the rough and tumble approach, proofing your shoes helps them last longer, whether they’re canvas, suede, or leather.


#7 Styling

Shoes are the icing on the cake when it comes to outfits, which means the sprinkles and cherry on top must be accessories! We carry a selection of hats, shades, and more to complete your look. But the most fun a functional way to style is with a Hershel backpack.

#8 DIY

Calling all crafty people, or curious people, or just plain brave people, because a DIY project takes some guts to pull off. The results are worth it because it’s completely unique and totally you! Paint ‘em, dye ‘em, decal ‘em, or break out the sharpies and doodle all over!

#9 Try a new colour

Okay, so you’ve fallen in love with a style and been wearing it forever. You’re here because you’re ready to switch things up without giving up your favourite shoe. At Baggins, that’s our specialty. We carry all the classic styles in every colour of the rainbow, and some patterns to boot.

baggins originals

#10 Custom printing

Best for last, it cannot possibly get more unique than a custom printed shoe! You can get absolutely anything you want on a custom pair of kicks from our print shop. Choose from our Baggins Originals or come up with your own design and send your images to our awesome in-house graphic designer to be made into the shoes of your dreams.

We're sure you found some inspiration to spice up your kicks and unique style but just in case you didn’t, check out our site or visit us in-store for even more new arrivals.

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