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10 Must-See Spots for Victoria Tourists This Summer

The sun is coming out, the flowers are bright and blooming... you know what that means. It's almost summertime! If you're visiting Victoria this summer or just looking for a new spot to hit up, check out these 10 must-see stops. From shopping to sightseeing - we've got your itinerary covered. Enjoy your vacation and leave the planning up to us. 

Of course, your first stop should be to visit us, Baggins Shoes, on Johnson Street and buy a new pair of fresh kicks. But after that here's where else you should go.




1. Beacon Hill Park

One of Victoria's biggest and most beautiful parks is by far Beacon Hill Park. With over 740,000 square meters of land, you're sure to find a nice spot for a picnic or a variety of other activities such as tennis, baseball, or lawn bowling. While you're there make sure to check out the beautiful totem poles and see if you can find the Moss Lady laying in the bushes. To entertain the kids, the park has two playgrounds, two water parks, and a petting zoo full of cute baby goats. 

2. The Butchart Gardens
Enjoy the lush greens and colourful blooms of the fifty-five-acre Butchart Gardens. Snap a picture of the gorgeous gardens, or just breathe in the wonderful aromas of the flowers. You'll surely want to stop and smell these roses. From June to September, visit the gardens after dusk when the lights turn on and the magic begins. 
If you're done exploring the gardens and still looking for a little more adventure, check out the Butterfly Gardens. Discover up to 70 different butterfly species, and engulf yourself in the jungle-esque experience.  With tropical creatures like dart frogs, iguanas, and flamingos it's undoubtedly an exciting place to visit.

3. Dallas Road Beach

This gorgeous beach is a great place to spend a warm summer day or a peaceful night's walk. Bask in the sun or take a dip into the ocean. Follow Dallas road walkway, a path approximately 4km long that takes you along the ocean. This is a hot spot for cute dogs, friendly locals, and impromptu sandcastle competitions.



4. Fisherman's Wharf

Looking for some fresh seafood, treats, a kayak rental, or just a walk along the docks? Be sure to check out Fisherman's Wharf. Choose from nine delicious restaurants and enjoy a meal by the water. If you're up for a maritime adventure, sign up for kayaking, fishing, or whale watching.

5. Local Breweries

Need a nice cold beer to end your long day of adventures? Check out Whistle Buoy, a local brewery in the lower courtyard of Market Square. They have a cozy eclectic indoor seating area, and a beautiful big patio outside. If you'll be in Victoria on June 26, make sure to grab tickets to Whistle Mania, the celebration of the summer. Features beer, music, and an all-around good time! Phillips Brewing & Malting is a must-see and one of the best breweries in Canada. Phillips opened up in 2001 and has since won tons of awards. They’re super creative brewers, malt their own barley, and have a kick-ass in-house art squad. If you’re blessed with a sunny afternoon with nothing to do, check out their tasting room in Rock Bay, they have a great patio too.

6. Local Bakeries 

Out of the many local bakeries in Victoria, our favourites are Crust Bakery & Working Culture. Crust's main location is on Fort Street, but they have a small booth in Uptown Mall as well. They have been named Victoria's best bakery and if you've tried one of their scrumptious pastries you know why. Working Culture is an amazing, fairly new bakery on Douglas Street that sells delicious organic sourdough bread, coffee, sandwiches, and pastries. They opened shop in 2020 and since then have been a local favourite - especially for us, they’re right around the corner from our office! 

7. Victoria's Chinatown

Victoria's Chinatown is full of history (it’s the oldest in Canada!) and new finds alike. A popular spot to visit is Fan Tan Alley. It runs between Fisgard and Johnson street and has a collection of different small businesses to explore. Red lanterns and string lights guide you down the alleyway and are sprinkled throughout other spots around Chinatown. For a more immersive experience take a look at the self-guided heritage walking map.

8. Royal BC Museum 

Looking to learn a little bit about B.C's rich history? Visit the Royal BC Museum located on Bellville street. Admission is just $5 for a day of learning and discovery. Current exhibitions include; the pocket gallery, the natural history gallery, and BC archives on display. Bonus: Catch an IMAX show while you’re there!




9. Johnson Street & Market Square

For the best (in our biased opinion) unique and independent shops, check out Johnson Street and Market Square. Home of Baggins Shoes, and some of our favourite locally-owned Victoria businesses such as Good Vibe Space, Open House, Victoria Vintage, Anian, Still Life, Nezza Naturals, Flavour, Citizen, Rook and Rose, and Goodnews Skate Shop. Market Square is located on Johnson and Store Street, and features a variety of different shops and restaurants. From craft supplies and jewelry at Bead World to a fresh cup of coffee at Hey Happy, vegan treats at Green Cuisine, and treasured vintage finds at Vintage After Death, there's something for everyone. Support local businesses, and bring more than just memories home.

10. Local Bookstores 

Two of the most popular shops in downtown Victoria happen to be the book stores: Russell Books on Fort Street and Munro's Books located on Government Street. Sometimes the best part about traveling is sitting down with a good book. If you forgot to bring yours or just want to find something new, Russell’s has an awe-inspiring mix of both used and new books. Be sure to check out the Local Author section at Munro’s to support Canadian and local Vancouver Island authors. These folks have incredible recommendations if you’re not sure what to pick up first.


Enjoy your adventures around Victoria! Make sure to snap lots of pictures along the way to remember the good times. 

Make sure to tag us if you take any photos at Baggins Shoes on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Check out our website for information about custom prints and our new arrivals.