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Vans x Sailor Moon Collab

Vans x Sailor Moon Collab

Calling all Moonies!! Vans has collaborated with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon to create a collection of mystical sneakers and apparel. The superheroine anime TV series first made its debut in 1992 and has since grown a large fandom, taking over the world! Rock a pair of these fabulous sneakers and show off your Sailor Moon spirit. 

“Believe in yourself and nothing can stop you” - Sailor Venus


Vans X Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Authentic 

In the name of the moon, these shoes won't punish you! The Vans Sailor Moon Authentic Pretty Guardian Multi features your favourite Sailor Scouts and the dreamboat himself, Tuxedo Mask AKA Darien. 


Vans X Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Checkerboard Mysterioso Sk8-Hi

The cat's out of the bag! Your favourite feline friends Luna & Artemis are here to keep you in check and guide you to a new dimension with the Vans Sailor Moon Sk8-Hi Pretty Guardian Checkerboard Mysterioso. As a fun addition, these sneakers have a UV print for a mysterious moonlight glow. 


Vans X Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Comfy Cush Slip-On

Whether your alliance lies with the moon or the negaverse, the Vans Sailor Moon Classic Slip-On Comfy Cush Pretty Guardian Multi are the shoes for you! The comfiest addition to your Sailor Scout uniform.


Vans X Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Sk8-Hi

Whether you're into fighting evil by moonlight or winning love by daylight - you'll never run from a real fight in the Vans Sailor Moon Sk8-Hi Pretty Guardian. These gorgeous Sk8-Hi’s are glow-in-the-dark and have ‘Sailor Moon’ written in Japanese characters on the rubber sole. 


Vans X Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Canoodle Socks 

These cute canoodles have jacquard art inspired by your favourite Sailor Moon characters and their most popular accessories. One pair features Luna, Sailor Moon’s black guardian cat, the other two pairs have large bows, and the symbols of each Pretty Guardian. 


Buy your favourite pair of Sailor Moon shoes in-store or online to complete your Pretty Guardian uniform and make sure to get them before they sell out! 


If you have an idea for a pair of custom Converse or Vans make sure to head to our website for more information on how to order a pair of unique custom shoes!