A quick history for those who aren’t familiar with this storied brand: Doc Martens started out as a humble work boot in the pre-war era, worn primarily by military men. It wasn’t until an injured soldier named Klaus Maerten came back from war and began tweaking and upgrading the shoes on his own, eventually starting his own business, that the silhouette began to take shape. After just over a decade selling boots made from repurposed military materials, the design evolved into what we know and love today. In 1960 (April 1st to be exact) key features like their signature yellow welt stitching, ‘Airwair’ branded heel loop and unique sole grooves were developed and licensed, giving birth to the infamous 1460 boot.

With their primary market targeted towards the working class, over time, Dr. Martens unexpectedly became part of a subculture revolution. In the next few decades, the brand became an iconic image associated with many movements and rebellions, both personal and political, and furthermore, became a staple of self-expression. Whether it was Pete Townshend leading the way on stage in the 60’s, the glam and punk era of the 70’s and 80’s, or the legendary 90’s grunge period, Docs have had a stranglehold on fashion and pop culture for generations!

Dr Martens 1460 Smooth Black___________________________________________________________________________

Now for the goods! Check out what we have in store for you at Baggins:

If you are looking to add a new boot to your collection this fall, consider the 1460 boot which comes in black or cherry red smooth leather. It’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe, whether you’re pairing with cute dresses or cozy cable knits, this 8-eyelet classic is bound to compliment your unique style, no matter how you wear it.

We also have the Pascal boot, which is very similar in appearance to that of the 1460, but features a few subtle differences with the stitching in the leather, the hem at the top of the boot and a slightly more narrow fit. The Pascal also celebrates Dr. Martens’ heritage with the Union Jack loud and proud across the boot, paying homage to its punk roots.

Dr Martens Union Jack ___________________________________________________________________________

Next, we have the 1461, which is a low-cut style also available in cherry red or black smooth leather. This versatile silhouette will wow you with both its comfort and its durability! No matter the occasion, the 1461 will get you there in style.

Dr. Martens 1461 Smooth___________________________________________________________________________

If leather is not your thing, don’t fret – we’ve got just what you need! The Combs boot is constructed with extra tough nylon and synthetic leather, and while not certified vegan, this boot is an animal conscious option. This silhouette doesn’t sacrifice any of its look for its grit, the Combs boot is a perfect way to express yourself.

Dr. Martens Combs Black___________________________________________________________________________

Call them what you like - Dr. Martens, Docs, or DMs - they have proven themselves as footwear staples that aren’t disappearing from the fashion radar any time soon. Feel free to swing by our shop to find your perfect pair, or check out our website and follow us on Instagram to find out when we can have you rocking some Doc’s, no matter your location. Don’t forget to add some Stance socks for more personal flair!