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Tattoo Zoo Collab

Once again, we’ve collaborated with the wonderful and talented artists at Tattoo Zoo to create seven new Converse designs that will warm your feet this winter. Take a journey with us as we highlight these amazing designs and some of the brilliant artists who created them. 

Baggins Original Hi Top Vic Lee Worth the Squeeze 

These juicy hi top sneakers are made with love by the talented Vic Lee. They are a Chinese, non-binary artist that loves creating bright, colourful designs. Vic is drawn to anything cheery, silly, and happy, and they are sure to show it in their artwork! You can count on finding a colorful flower or little heart in all their designs, so keep a look out! Their ultimate goal is to create a friendly and safe environment while creating a tattoo that puts a smile on your face. If you fell in love with this design, Vic is also offering it as a tattoo! 

Baggins Original Hi Top Thea Hartley Buglette 

These phenomenal sneakers were designed by the amazing artist Thea Hartley. Thea is a queer, Cherokee, vegan artist. They most enjoy tattooing bugs, animals, and pets, aiming to create whimsy and joy through their work. They have recently left Victoria to adventure in Australia. 

Baggins Original Hi Top Tattoo Zoo Sophia Jackson Cowboys Make Do 

These cowboy sneakers are designed by the wonderful Sophia Jackson. She loves to create art that doesn't take itself too seriously. Cowboys, skulls, cartoons, and wordplay are all components that you can expect to find time and time again in Sophia's work. Like most of her designs, these hi tops are sure to put a smile on your face, so you can start your morning feeling good. 

Baggins Original Hi Top Tattoo Zoo Charlie 

These green floral hi tops were designed by the amazing Charlie Laboucane. She is a queer, Metis artist who loves to explore a variety of mediums. She gains inspiration from vintage florals and Art Nouveau. Charlie enjoys playing with contrasting concepts to create bold yet delicate designs much like these brilliant sneakers. 

Baggins Original Hi Top Tattoo Zoo Kara Harrison Rainbow Mosquito in Amber

These colourful sneakers were designed by the brilliant Kara Harrison. Kara is a tattoo artist and illustrator based in Nanaimo who does regular guest visits at Tattoo Zoo. This artwork is inspired by the classic mosquito in amber from the Jurassic Park franchise which is a recurring theme in Kara’s work. Most of her designs include glitter and rainbows and are inspired by her love of dinosaurs. 

Baggins Original Low Top Tattoo Zoo Geri Kramer Ferns N’ Shrooms 

These black and white beauties were designed by fabulous trans artist Geri Kramer. Geri’s creative process marries her love of traditional tattooing’s bold lines and simplicity with the textures and fine lines usually associated with more illustrative work. It’s undeniable that she has become a positive force in the tattoo world as she strives to create a more inclusive space for both tattooers and clients alike.

Baggins Original Hi Top Tattoo Zoo Emma Wetherill Eggmotional 

These eggcelent sneakers were designed by the wonderful Emma Wetherill. She is inspired by the movement of shapes and nature, and the imagination. The artwork of these sneakers stands as a symbol for mental health. The outside panel depicts the egg as joyful, while on the inside panel the egg is squished and glum. Just like many of us hide our dejected parts and put on a smile to appease the outside world. The tongue panel egg sticks its tongue out as a humourous balance between the internal and external moods of the egg. 

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