In the last several years, Stance has given the most begrudged Christmas gift – socks – a new life. With loud prints, bold patterns and iconic basics, they are leading the way in the sock game! You can find these socks on the feet of fashionistas, musicians and athletes alike – making them a must have for anyone looking to add a bit of personality to their wardrobe.

For those who don’t know much about the brand, here is a brief history:

Founded in Orange County back in 2009, Stance quickly became the sock choice of sneaker heads everywhere. Since 2010, the brand estimates they have shipped over 36 million+ pairs of socks to over 40 countries worldwide. In 2015, Stance opened up their first store in the SoHo neighbourhood of New York, and became the official sock of the MLB and NBA.

This brand continues  to create a plethora of amazing prints, made of the finest the materials. They have even expanded their collections with the likes of Star Wars, Disney, Sanrio, Stranger Things, and Seinfeld!

In their most recent collaboration with Stranger Things, you will find everyone's favourite gals, Eleven and Barb, immortalized forever. No matter which sock you choose from this, or any other collection, it will get you all the cool points at Christmas!

With a brand motto of “Uncommon Thread”, Stance has put together an all-star team of brand ambassadors to fit that bill, including athletes James Harden and John John Florence, and musicians Rihanna and Willow Smith! A company in the pursuit of creative expression, Stance has also paired up with some amazing artists over the years; Yusuke Hanai, Travis Millard and Kevin Lyons to name a few.

Stance are sure to be a hit with any sock or fashion enthusiast. Give the gift of personality this season. Choose Stance.

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