What better way to show yourself how much you love yourself than with a pair of Vans or Converse? Now is the perfect time to spoil yourself with either a pair you’ve been eyeing for a while or with a more festive pair, like these Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Candy Hearts. These stylish Baggins Originals Hi Top Candy Hearts look good enough to eat!


The irresistible candy print is perfect for yourself or for someone you care about to rock on February 14, or at any time. They’re going to make a big statement, though, so be prepared for compliments and questions all day long. (Bonus points for telling everyone where you got them!)

Another fine pick for Valentine’s Day are the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Hearts, which feature a fun, overall heart print. These Baggins Originals are another perfect way to save I Love You. And, like the pair above, are also adorable enough to wear year-round:


If you’d rather feel more festive in a solid print, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Pink Paper is the perfect shade of pink for such an occasion.


Up next, Vans also has a few kicks available that have love as a theme. The Vans Authentic Slim (Micro Hearts) Dress Blues/True White, for example, invite you to wear your heart on your shoes!


These simple lace-ups are built on a slimmer last than the Vans Authentic for a narrower foot. They also feature a simple low top, lace-up profile with printed micro hearts on the canvas uppers, metal eyelets, and the signature Vans waffle rubber sole.

We are also in love with the Vans Authentic (Della) Batik/ Pink, which were designed in Ghana, a country in Africa known for its fair trade and high employment standards. The Della line is available in a mix of styles including the authentic, eras and Sk8-hi.


For a more floral-themed Valentine, Vans has many floral kicks to pick from, with the Vans Dazie-Hi (Leila) Cnl/ Off White Floral, being pretty much the sweetest. Featuring suede accents and a unique floral print, this pair of Vans is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to give up style for comfort.


At Baggins, we believe in practicality when it comes to gift-giving. Flowers and candies are good too, but the perfect way to say I Love You this V-Day is with a pair of functional shoes you know will be well-loved.

Aside from the lovey-dovey options highlighted here, we’ve got thousands of other awesome ways you can express your love for yourself, and others, now or any time of the year. Choose from brands like Vans, Converse, Herschel, and Stance to really make an impression on your loved ones this year!

If you’re feeling even bolder than what you see here, consider designing your very own pair of Converse or Vans—no Sharpie required! Please visit our Baggins Custom Prints page for more information on getting started.

This Valentine’s Day, we want you to feel the love with a special deal from Baggins. When you place your online order during the week of February 7-14, 2016, use online coupon code Valentine14 to qualify for a festive discount.


But, before you do, have you ever wondered what those hearts on your shoes really mean? We didn’t think so! But just in case, here’s a round-up of some pretty charming heart-shaped facts just in time for the season.

Heart-shaped Facts

* Playing cards (remember those? They aren’t Cards Against Humanity, they’re the ones you use for Poker) seem a little ancient these days, don’t they? That’s ‘cuz they are. The red-heart suits on playing cards have been in circulation since the late 15th century.

* That’s only 300 years or so after the heart symbol first started being used to represent romantic love, which occurred around the end of the Middle Ages (1200s).

* The hearts on our Valentine’s Day cards (and shoes!) didn’t always look like that. Back in the day, heart symbols were used upside-down and resembled plant leaves.

* You wouldn’t see it today, but hearts used to be common in heraldry, with the earliest known reference appearing in 1190 on the Royal Banner of the Kings of Denmark. At this time, hearts weren’t yet associated with romance, and the ones on the Banner were loosely based on lily pads.

* From playing cards, to geography, to romantic love, the heart sure conjures up some great images, doesn’t it? Well, don’t forget about their use in video games. The earliest video games to use the heart symbol as an indicator of life remaining were The Legend of Zelda (1986) and Super Mario Bros 2 (1990s).

* Hearts are also the focal point in a lot of songs. There is some debate about the 1993 Nirvana Track, Heart-Shaped Box, from the album In-Utero. While Kurt Cobain told a biographer that the song was influenced by children suffering from cancer, many believe the songwriter’s muse was actually his wife, Courtney Love.

So why hearts, and why Valentine’s Day? No one really knows for sure what the history of Valentine’s Day is or was, and that’s OK! Gifts for no other reason than, “the Calendar says so” are pretty amazing!