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Herschel: A History of the Beloved Canadian Brand

One thing you may not know about us is that we carried Herschel bags before the company was even fully formed! At the time, Lyndon, one of the founders of Herschel, was making the bags out of his garage and was working as a brand representative for Vans. Since we had already been working with him, we became one of the first retailers to sell Herschel bags and nowadays sell over 130 Herschel products including backpacks and accessories. Take a journey with us as we venture back to look at the history of Herschel Supply Co. 

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Herschel Heritage


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In 2009 Herschel was founded by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Herschel has now become one of the most revered travel and accessory brands in Canada and are known worldwide for their exceptional quality and creative design. The name Herschel was inspired by the small town in Saskatchewan where the brothers grew up, the home to three generations of the Cormack family. 

The brothers came from a history in the fashion industry, Jamie working with K2 Sports, and Lyndon working with Vans. They had a dream of making bags that had fun, interesting designs, combined with a modern look and a sense of nostalgia. In 2018, Herschel opened their first store in Canada, located in Vancouver B.C. 

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Herschel strives to make timeless designs that are made for adventure. One of their goals is to have almost all of their bags manufactured from recycled materials, which they aim to accomplish by 2024.

At Baggins Shoes we carry over 100 different styles of Herschel bags, a large variety of beanies and ball caps, and a few other accessories including small wallets. We welcome new products every few months and have carried some of Herschel’s most popular collabs such as the Star Wars collection and the Simpsons collection






Make sure to visit us in store or head to our website to discover our large variety of Herschel products. 

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