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🚀 Time For Your Next Adventure: A Sneaker Odyssey into the Great Outdoors! 🌲

Hey there, fashion trailblazers! We've got something exciting brewing in the sneaker universe, and it's time to gear up for an unforgettable journey. Whether you're a city slicker with a penchant for urban exploration or a wilderness wanderer seeking the next trailhead, our lineup of kicks is designed to elevate your style and keep you comfy in any terrain.


Vans Sk8-Hi Del Pato MTE 2 Wood Thrush

Vans Sk8-Hi Del Pato MTE 2 - Dive into Style, Come Rain or Shine! 🌧️

Meet your new sidekick for unpredictable weather - the Vans Sk8-Hi Del Pato MTE 2! Available in Wood Thrush, Dark Olive/Gumsole, and Black.  These bad boys are waterproof wonders. The Del Pato MTE 2 combines Vans' signature high-top silhouette with weather-ready features, making them a must-have for those who refuse to let weather cramp their style. 

These shoes are designed for supreme comfort with ultracush insoles, thermoregulation, and the 360 hydro guard. The traction outsole allows for all-terrain adventure and the pull tabs allow for easy access to slip them on in record time.  Don't let the rain get you down; ride the wave of fashion resilience!


Vans Sk8-Hi MTE 2 Black/Khaki

Vans Sk8-Hi MTE 2 - Where Street Style Meets Mountain Toughness! 🏔️

Elevate your street cred with the Vans Sk8-Hi MTE 2 - the perfect combo of street style and mountain toughness. Whether you're conquering the concrete jungle or navigating rocky trails, the Sk8-Hi MTE 2 has your back (and your feet) covered! 

The Sk8-Hi MTE 2.0 DX also features an UltraCush® drop-in molded sock liner, Achilles cushion, rubber toe cap, tongue and heel pulls, and an MTE 2.0 boot lug-all designed to take advantage of 20+ years of Vans snowboard boot history. It is made with water-resistant leather and suede uppers.

Available in Rose Smoke, Black/Khaki, Brown, and a variety of colours are even on sale! Get them while you can. 


Vans Sk8-Hi Gore-Tex Black

Vans Sk8-Hi Gore-Tex - Storm the Streets with Unmatched Style and Durability! ⚡

Unleash your inner rebel with the Vans Sk8-Hi Gore-Tex, available in Black/White - the ultimate street armor against rain, snow, and everything in between! The Gore-Tex technology ensures your feet stay dry without compromising on breathability. Stormy weather? No problem. These sneakers are ready to make a splash and leave an impression wherever you go. Who says you can't be both bold and weatherproof?

These shoes include re-enforced toe caps, supportive padded collars, and signature rubber waffle outsoles, Gore-Tex®, suede, and canvas uppers.


Vans Ultrarange High Exo MTE 1 Dark Olive

Vans UltraRange Exo MTE 1 - Beyond Boundaries, Beyond Ordinary! 🌎

Embark on a journey of limitless exploration with the Vans UltraRange Exo MTE 1. These kicks redefine versatility, offering comfort and style for the modern-day adventurer. 

Available in Hi-tops in Dark Olive, and Vintage White, and in Low-tops in Black/White and Black.

The zonal MTE™-1 Primaloft® insulation package uses a high-quality microfiber thermal insulation system to mimic the warmth-providing properties of down, keeping you warm without retaining internal moisture. A water-resistant upper provides a splash and puddle guard around the shoe and over the toe, resulting in reliable, comfortable, breathable moisture management protection.

The UltraRange™ EXO MTE™-1 comfort package uses a single-density OrthoLite® sockliner and UltraCush™ EVA midsole. This combination keeps you comfy while allowing air to circulate, providing a drier, healthier environment inside your shoe. From city streets to mountain peaks, these sneakers are designed to take you further, faster, and in style.


Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Winter-grip Outlaw Leather Black WP

Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Winter-grip Outlaw Leather Black - Kick Winter to the Curb in Style! ❄️

Winter woes? Not on our watch! The Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Winter-grip in Black is here to banish the cold and elevate your winter wardrobe. Made with Outlaw Leather in a sleek black, these boots are not just for stomping through snow - they're a statement piece that brings an edge to your winter ensemble.

The Pascal boots have a softer leather upper making the break in time less and less painful. These boots feature a sort of greasy leather finish and two boot loops at the top for a faster and easier on and off. They are also lined with a faux-fur liner to help with the cold weather, paired with the slip-resistant bottom for better traction on ice and snow. Show winter who's boss with these bold and badass boots! 


Dr. Martens Tract Combs Leather Warm Tan

Dr. Martens Tract Combs Leather Warm Tan - Blaze Your Own Trail! 🔥

For those who prefer to tread a path less traveled, the Dr. Martens Tract Combs in Warm Tan are your trusty companions. These leather wonders are not just about making a statement; they're about setting trends. Lace-up, buckle down, and get ready to turn heads as you conquer both urban jungles and untamed landscapes.

These warm boots are made with WinterGrip technology and heavyweight Archival Pull-Up leather. Featuring yellow welt stitching and the branded AirWair heel loop.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top CityTrek WP Engine Smoke

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top CityTrek WP - Navigate City Streets with Unyielding Style! 🌆

City slickers, your footwear revolution has arrived! The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top CityTrek WP is your passport to urban exploration. Available in either Monochrome Black or Engine Smoke, these are waterproof and street-smart. These kicks are the perfect blend of fashion-forward and weather-ready. 

These high-top sneakers are equipped with advanced technology to ensure your comfort and protection from the elements. With features like waterproofing, superior comfort (thanks to CX cushioning), reliable traction, and insulation, they are designed to keep you warm and dry in any weather. The non-wicking canvas prevents moisture from getting in, while gussets secure the tongue in place, maintaining warmth. The leather uppers and elevated soles contribute to both style and functionality. Navigate the urban landscape confidently, as the Converse Traction Utility tread pattern provides stability even during rainy commutes. Whether it's a sunny day or a downpour, these sneakers are prepared to accompany you in style throughout the town.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Hi Top All Terrain Obsidian 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Hi Top All Terrain - All Aboard the All-Terrain Express! 🚂

Strap in for an adventure with the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Hi Top All Terrain. These sneakers are built for the explorer in you, with a rugged design that can handle any terrain. Available in Obsidian and Wonderstone.

Made with a warm fleece lining, waterproof leather, a D-ring lacing system, and upgraded soles for extra traction. Whether you're hiking up a mountain or trekking through the woods, these All Terrain wonders are your ticket to off-road style.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Hi Top Gore-Tex Hidden Trail

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Hi Top Gore-Tex - Where Style Meets Storm! ☔

Fashion meets function in the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Hi Top Gore-Tex. Available in Uncharted Waters and Hidden Trail, these sneakers are equipped with Gore-Tex technology, making them your go-to for braving the storm in style. Rain or shine, these kicks are ready to make a splash, ensuring you stay dry without sacrificing your fashion-forward edge.

There you have it, trailblazers - a sneak peek into the world of fashion-forward, adventure-ready footwear! Whatever your style, whatever your journey, these sneakers are here to elevate your game. So lace up, step out, and let your footwear do the talking as you conquer the world, one stylish step at a time. Adventure awaits - are you ready? 🌟