Fear not, friends. To help you survive this holiday season, I’ve compiled a handy little gift guide that’ll please even the pickiest person on your list. Includlng...

Your Little Sister, Who No Longer Thinks You’re the Coolest Person on the Planet

missoni sneakers

The Gift: Missoni Converse Sneakers

It’s great to have a little sister, but there comes a day when she stops worshipping the ground you walk on. A day when she realizes you’re just a person, and maybe not even a person she likes. Sad, isn’t it?

It happens to the best of us, but the good news it that it’s easy to bring the love back. By giving her a pair of ***Converse X Missoni sneakers***(link to Missoni blog) this Christmas, you’ll prove you’re a fun, hip and stylish older sibling who wants nothing but the best for her little sister. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll let you borrow them.

The Brand-New Baby Who Already Has Everything

baby converse

The Gift: Converse First Star Crib Shoes

Let’s face it, babies can only use so many blankets, bibs, and stuffies. So this year, why not give them a gift they’ll truly appreciate? One that’ll set them apart from the millions of other babies in the park?

I’m talking about their very first Converse sneaker. In case you didn’t know, Converse makes mini-versions of the classic Chuck Taylor All Star. These crib shoes come in itty-bitty sizes (perfect for itty-bitty people) and feature a canvas upper and a soft, comfy sole. Check them out in black, navy or pink.

Your Dad, the Biggest Beatles Fan on the Planet

beatles vans

The Gift: The Beatles Yellow Submarine by Vans

You hear it every year: All your Dad really needs this Christmas is love (your love, specifically). What he’s really telling you, though, is that he actually wants a pair of sneakers from the Vans Yellow Submarine Collection. This retro-inspired collaboration features psychedelic imagery from the album and animated film, and is the perfect addition to any music fan’s collection. Including your Dad’s.

Your Snowboard/Ski Buddy

snowboard stance socks

The Gift: Stance Socks

Remember that time you opened up a beautifully wrapped package, only to discover it contained a pair of nasty black crew socks from your Aunt Mabel? Friends don’t do that to friends. If you’re going to give socks, you have to do it right.

Even the most die-hard powder lover will appreciate opening a pair of Stance socks. With funky designs and sporty features like a deep heel pocket, premium combed cotton, elastic arch support, a self-adjusting cuff, and mesh vents to keep piggies cool, these are socks they’ll want to wear on and off the mountain.

Don’t forget that if you have a perfect gift in mind but don’t see it on our site, we may be able to make it for you! You can create a custom pair of Converse or Vans right on our website. And of course, if you need any help picking out the perfect gift, we’d be more than happy to help you out. Give us a call, send us an email, or stop by our store in downtown Victoria BC.