In case you aren’t in the know, Marimekko is a Finnish design company that’s been around since the ‘50s. Known globally for their colourful, whimsical prints, the brand is all about bringing people joy and helping them find the beauty in everyday life. Clothing, accessories, housewares, furnishings—Marimekko has woven itself into every area of our lives. And that’s a good thing.

While I do love my Marimekko cat bed with every ounce of my being, nothing puts a spring in my step quite like the Converse Loves Marimekko collaboration. Iconic Marimekko designs on classic Converse? Yes please! These vibrant sneakers are just one of those things that’ll give you an insta-happy feel. But more than that…


Marimekko and Converse are a natural fit

Marimekko may have started out as a simple dressmaker (‘Mari’ is an anagram of the first name of the company's founder, Armi Ratia, while 'mekko' means 'dress' in Finnish), but its journey into the world of Converse was a totally natural one. Check out this video that shows how Marimekko’s collaboration with Converse was just waiting to happen.



Marimekko’s Unikko Pattern is 50 Years Old

marimekko converse

Most fashion prints come and go, but Marimekko’s iconic Unikko pattern has defied the ageing process. This fun, splashy print is as old as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lucky Charms, and Sandra Bullock (yes, she was born in 1964), but they have more than just a birth year in common—despite being a half-century old, they all have a youthful spirit that stands the test of time.

It helps, too, that the Unikko pattern was created as an act of rebellion. Marimekko’s founder banned her designers from creating floral prints (too cliche!), but lead designer Maija Isola ignored her orders and did it anyway. The result was a classic design that became the brand’s identifying pattern. It’s found on everything from oven mitts and dresses to subway cars and Finnair fuselages, and now it comes on your favourite sneaker.

Get the Marikmekko Converse All Star Low Top in Unikko Pink/Green or the Marimekko Converse All Star Hi Top in Unikko White/Green while they last!


Elton John is a big fan

The Marimekko Converse sneakers are for women, but they’re perfect for anyone with small enough feet and a big enough sense of style! Case in point: Sir Elton John. The Rocket Man sported a pair of Marimekko Unikko Converse shoes while strolling in St. Tropez. We’ve got a similar style up for grabs.

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