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Black Cat Tattoo: Our New Collaboration

Black Cat Tattoo: Our New Collaboration

We’ve collaborated with a few of the outstanding artists at Black Cat Tattoo to make five new Baggins Originals. Each artist brought their own unique style to create these incredible original designs perfect for all your summer adventures. In this blog, you’ll discover a little bit more about these beautiful designs and the artists who created them. 


Baggins Original Classic Slid-On Grae Salisbury Insect Queen 

These beautiful dragonfly-inspired slip-ons were designed by Grae Salisbury (they/them). They are a queer artist working in illustration, mixed-media, and tattooing. Grae works at Black Cat Tattoo and enjoys exploring symbolism, tenderness, and queerness in their illustrations. Their designs range from intricate thin linework to bold block prints. 


Baggins Original Hi Top Paige Parker

These delicate floral hi-tops are designed by Paige Parker (she/they). Paige’s illustrations are inspired by beautiful botanicals and anything that catches her eye. Ranging from delicate flowers to sharp-pointed daggers or the older styles of Art Nouveau and vintage design, Paige bases her artwork on things she enjoys. She started her artistic journey in realistic everyday life drawing, then moved to illustration and hand poke tattooing. Paige now works primarily as a machine tattoo artist and commissioned illustrator. 


Baggins Original Hi Top Sydney Warnes The Bird Witch Forager 

These cute shoes are designed by Sydney Warnes (she/her). She takes inspiration from witchcraft, wizardry, and woodland nature. Sydney was motivated to make her childhood dream Converse for this project. She told us, “When I was first presented with the opportunity to design a pair of high-tops, I was filled with so much excitement and honour, immediately followed by an intense creative block. I wanted to make something that represented @bird_witch_tatto perfectly but didn’t know how to boil it all down into a single design.

 While letting that idea percolate in the back of my mind, I thought back to my first ever pair of high-tops. My parents took me to Baggins when I was getting ready to start high school and told me to pick any pair that I wanted, it was totally up to me!

It was a little overwhelming at first, but eventually, I found just the right ones. I wore them until they fell apart and replaced them many times over the years.  

 So for my high-tops design, I wanted to make a pair that I would wear myself, just how I wanted, totally up to me, something my 13-year-old self would have loved.My favourite things right now are forest-y, foraged treasures - just some special little items you might find on a walk in the woods. A fresh little sprout, a fluffy moth, some precious mushrooms, a shiny acorn, and a perfect little stick.  

I lined them up the way I like to line up treasures on my windowsill, desk, and bookshelf. 

For the tongue, I did a super simple green plaid, reminiscent of a picnic blanket, or the lining of a warm jacket.

This design makes me want to go for a cute walk and hunt for some little treasure, maybe look at a bug or two, and lay in the grass. Hopefully, these shoes have the same effect on you <3

Thanks so much to Baggins Print Shop for allowing me to make my dream shoes a reality!"


Baggins Original Hi Top Robin Graves 

The artist behind these ghostly hi-tops is Robin Graves (she/they). Robin’s artistic style includes fine-line designs focused on moths and the beauty beneath the darkness. Her detailed designs stand out on the black canvas for you to appreciate the intricate line work done on the skull and moths. 


Baggins Original Hi Top Cate Webb Summer Ghosts

The mastermind behind this beautiful pair of hi-tops is Cate Webb (she/her). Cate is an oil painter/tattoo artist and the owner of Black Cat. Her art is inspired by the human body and the spiritual relationship between humans and animals. Cate told us that throughout the design process her newborn baby slept on her lap making it a dreamlike, serene experience. 


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