Vaultry is a charismatic alternative rock band based out of Victoria, BC. In 2017 we went on an emotional journey with Vaultry following the release of their debut album titled 'Eulogy'. This album is a heartfelt tribute to the bands late guitarist, Chasen Fraser. To help commemorate 'Eulogy' and kick off their first Canadian tour, we worked with Vaultry on some custom kicks!

Find out more about Vaultry and their kicks by reading the interview below:


Vaultry: Damian, Leith, Josh --- Photo credit: It's A Thing Imagery

Introduce yourselves: tell us bit about who you are as a band/individuals

We like to keep ourselves busy. As a band we're constantly writing and rehearsing between ourselves that it takes up a good majority of our week. Making sure we're in a cycle to have new music and content prepped we feel keeps us motivated to continue pushing towards our goals as musicians. On our downtime we all have pretty similar hobbies. Josh is pretty involved in the beer community and works lots of events and for a while was even reviewing beers on the Spinnakers Instagram. Damian between work and the band spends a lot of time at the gym and playing board games. Leith works on a comic book on his off time from the band.

Describe Vaultry in one sentence:

2 and a half men's emo phase.

What is the Vaultry creative process/creative space like?

We work in 3 separate spaces at the moment: our rehearsal space, Leith's home studio, and Damian's apartment where we record vocals. Our creative process usually starts with Leith bringing a 16 bar loop or the bones of a song to the table. We sit down at Leith's studio and record some guitar/bass/drums/keys for it, figure out what's working and eliminate what isn't. Then we usually leave it with him to flesh it out more and do some more post-production touches. We then take it to Damian's to do vocals and we all sit and come up with melodies from Leith's lyrics together. Sometimes we jam a couple ideas or improvise at rehearsal, but we usually leave that time to work on songs we've already finished. We're all about a tight live set so we want to make sure it's perfect.

Vaultry went on its first Canadian tour in 2017, any tour stories to share?

For our first tour, it was a pretty amazing experience. We booked this tour with a company called Sleep Later Booking who were great to work with. We met so many awesome people and got to be part of some really cool shows. Some better than others, but it's to be expected on your first tour. There was one night we drove from Regina to Thunder Bay, which is a 24 hour drive. Needless to say we were all pretty dead by the end of it.  After the constant driving and gigging we feel like we should've called it the Sleep Deprivation Tour.

Converse, Vans or Dr. Martens? Why?

Josh is a Converse boy, he loves the Chucks. Damian has like 6 pairs of Vans and pretty much lives in them. Leith has been wearing Vans since 2009 and has never gone a day without having at least one pair in his closet.

What are you currently listening to? Any tracks we should check out?

Our friends in Croatia just dropped a new track called Make Circles. It's excellent!

Vaultry is a hometown YYJ based band, what’s your favourite thing to do around town?

We spend a lot of time at Interactivity Board Game Cafe. Damian and Leith go at least once a week during our off season. If we're not there we're usually at Garrick's Head Pub or The Beagle.

Talk us through the design of the Vaultry x Baggins custom kicks:

We wanted to do something that incorporated concepts from our last record “Eulogy”. So we designed some symbols that represented some of the lyrical motifs.

What’s next for Vaultry?

We're entering the studio in March and will be releasing new music soon!

Vaultry x Baggins Original custom printed slip-on

The Vaultry x Baggins Original slip-ons are a reflection of Vaultry's debut album ‘Eulogy’, an album encapsulating the gut wrenching journey of losing a band member to cancer.


There you have it folks, Vaultry is back in the studio and brewin’ up some musical magic. We can’t wait to hear it! To tide you over until the next single drops, check out Vaultry on Spotify. Dig what you hear? Right now you can purchase their debut album 'Eulogy' over on bandcamp for $4! Be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for exciting new updates!

Don't forget to order your Vaultry x Baggins Original kicks before the next show, order now!

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