Ali T Bruce Artist Collaboration Vans Slip-On Tiger BlackAli T. Bruce is a remarkable artist who lives and works in East Van, and is a person of many talents (illustrator, tattoo artist, mural painter, and badass boxer, just to name a few). Her work is rad - eye catching, bold and expressive, you can spot it work all around the city; from huge murals to event posters, enamel pins, and now on the feet of Vans lovers everywhere! She is always working on insanely cool projects and we’re honoured to be collaborating with her on some custom shoes, available exclusively at Baggins. This week, we chatted with Ali about her process, check it out below:

Your illustration style is so unique, can you tell us a little about how you found your signature aesthetic?
I get this question a lot and am happy that people see a cohesiveness in my artwork. I think that style happens when you work a lot but also take the time to doodle and draw what makes you happy. I think that when you're not thinking about your style, it comes through naturally.

Tell us about your creative space - what are the circumstances where you feel most inspired?
I work from home and tattoo out of a private studio close to my apartment. I've had art studios in the past but found that my inspiration and desire to draw usually comes late at night while binge watching bad tv and movies, so I try to keep my creative space pretty comfy.

Let us in on your process for creating this particular piece.
The same way I create all of my digital graphics; pencil, pen, then illustrator. I don't like losing a lot of the hand drawn look when going into print. I wanted to make something that was illustrative and inspired by tattooing. I always hope that the artwork could be liked or worn by any age or gender.

We're so stoked to be collaborating with you. What made you want to pursue this project with Baggins?
I love taking drawings out of the 2D form and into the real world, that's why I was stoked to do some shoes! I love seeing artwork in print and out there walking around in the world.

Ali T Bruce Artist Collaboration Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Top Rose White Ali T Bruce Artist Collaboration Vans Slip-On Ying Yang BlackAli T Bruce Artist Collaboration Vans Slip-On Tiger BlackAli T Bruce Artist Collaboration Vans Slip-On Tiger White

You can buy the Ali T. Bruce custom creations here, and be sure to check her out on Instagram!
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