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  • If you’re in the mood for spring to hurry up and get here already (and really, who isn’t?) you’ve probably already looked into whether or not Converse has some pretty spring colours lined up for the upcoming season (we ca
    n’t blame you!)

    Chuck Taylor Converse All Star

    The good news is that YES, Converse has an all-new spring lineup, and YES, Baggins already has them in stock for your shoe-buying pleasure.

    If your old Chucks are looking a little worn from all that snow we got this winter, or you’re just looking to spruce up your Converse collection for spring 2017, Baggins has got you covered with the all-new seasonally coloured Converse All Stars.

    We’ve hinted at them for a few weeks, and now they are finally here in full living colour:

    The shade of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Hi Tops Menta reminds us a bit of peppermint ice cream:

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Hi Tops Menta

    While the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Hi Top Hyper Orange are more the colour of a sweet orange sorbet.

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Hi Top Hyper Orange

    Then there is a slightly more neutral orange hue to these Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Tops in Sunset Glow, which fall in between the lines of beige and pink.

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Tops in Sunset Glow,

    You also get a louder, more in-your-face, option with the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Hi Tops in Fresh Yellow 

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Hi Tops in Fresh Yellow

    And then there’s blue. Many a person’s favourite colour. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Soar deliver a vivid blue hue worth waiting for.

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Soar

    If purple is more you thing, check out the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Fuchsia Glow that are the perfect blend of pink and purple shades.

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Fuchsia Glow

    Looking for something a little bit more universal? Something that you can wear every day while drawing little attention to your shoes? (Some days are like that). The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Light Surplus are the ultimate in utility and style. 

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Light Surplus

    Or go for the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Camo Green. They are a fantastic touch to any ambiguous outfit:Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Camo Green.

    All of these seasonal Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Tops are built with a lightweight canvas and feature white rubber-vulcanized outsoles over a custom Converse foot bed for ongoing and dependable comfort. Order your favourite pairs early before your sizes are all snatched up!

    In addition to these spiffy spring hi tops from Converse, the Converse Spring 2017 Collection is also available in low-tops for men and women, and hi tops and low tops for Toddlers .

    The collection also features monochrome options and street-mid options:

    The Converse One Star 74 Low Top Leather Deep Bordeaux Monochrome and the Converse One Star 74 Low Top Leather Athletic Navy Monochrome are beautiful additions to the One Star style.

    Converse One Star 74 Low Top Leather Athletic Navy Monochrome

    Converse One Star 74 Low Top Leather Deep Bordeaux Monochrome

    And the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Mid Herbal/Dark Honey/Dark Honey   and Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Mid Black/Dark Honey/Dark Honey are ready for anything with their gum soles, sturdy canvas uppers, pull tabs at the heels, and full lace-up silhouettes.

     Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Mid Herbal/Dark Honey/Dark

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Street Mid Black/Dark Honey/Dark Honey

    Sparkly Converse Styles for Spring 2017

    Looking to add a little more glitz and glamour to your shoe collection? If so, the Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Metallic Snake Leather Hi Top Black/Black/White fit the bill. This metallic addition to the Converse Spring 2017 collection comes with classic features for fit and comfort touched up with a little sparkle.

    Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Metallic Snake Leather Hi Top Black/Black/White

    They are also available in Silver with the Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Metallic Snake Leather Hi Top Silver/Black/White 

    Converse Women's Chuck Taylor All Star Metallic Snake Leather Hi Top Silver/Black/White

    For more shiny shoe options, check out the rest of the Converse Metallic  available at Baggins.

    For a look at the complete Converse Spring 2017 collection, visit our Facebook Converse Spring Photo Album

    Sizing Considerations for Your Converse

    The Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars featured here fit a little large, so we recommend ordering half a size smaller than what you regularly wear in most other brands. If you’re unsure, come on down to our store in downtown Victoria and we’ll size you up.


    For even more Converse styles, check out the rest of the Baggins web store for even more spring-style inspiration.


    We’ve got a wide selection of Converse, and many more amazing styles and colours coming your way this season!


    We want to remind you all that Baggins ships worldwide. We offer free shipping and returns in Canada for orders over $79 and a flat shipping rate to United States.

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  • Starting the Converse-ation

    February 15, 2017

    You don’t really know a person until you’ve walked in their shoes.

    As a first year college student, I have occasionally found myself living in a new environment and out of my comfort zone.  While it can be intimidating at times, I have learned that meeting people and developing relationships with them depends only on one element--finding a similarity.  Easier said than done, right?  Well, keep on reading to see how simple it really is…

    Like the laces on my Chucks, it will always be the ties that bind. Many different types of people wear Converse sneakers.

    Beyond the basketball court, these kicks are a universal fashion statement.  There are so many colors, designs, and styles available that it’s impossible to own just one pair.  You can showcase your individualism or you can have matching shoes with a friend.  Grab a pair of white high top Converse to wear with your jeans or find a glittery pair to wear with a dress.  Black Converse sneakers make tuxedos look amazing. 

    Converse sneakers can be worn almost anywhere and even make appearances at proms and weddings! In fact, Baggins created a pretty neat pair of custom wedding high tops. Check them out here!

    Your feet may do the walking, but it’s the shoes that get the conversation started.  Many of my new college friends wear Converse sneakers or have noticed mine, hence we began our relationship by “walking in each other’s shoes”.

    Converse sneakers determine my wardrobe choice each day.  I currently own over 20 pairs, and depending on my mood, I find clothes to go with the shoes.  I am a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers kind of girl but recently competed in the Miss South Carolina (Miss America Organization) Pageant and wore a pair of my favorite Chucks.

    My newest pair of Converse are the ones I just ordered from Baggins shoes.  They are a 3D dice pattern and will definitely look incredible with some black jeans. Cleverly called the Baggins Original Pair O'Dice, I’m so glad to have these because I haven’t seen another pair like them anywhere. My favorite type of sneakers are ones that cannot be found most places.

    The types of Converse sneakers I collect vary from solid colors to printed patterns, and sandals to high tops - the more unique, the better.  I wear a size 10 in women’s shoes, but can wear a size 8 in men’s…and I love to check out all of the styles when I shop for them.  I wear my Converse every day.

    If you are ready to express your individuality, find yourself a pair of Converse sneakers.  They can be as wild or reserved as you would like them to be and can be worn with any attire.  They will give you a feeling of empowerment, craziness, or adventure, and they will be that Converse-ation starter when you are out of your comfort zone.

    Walk in many different pairs of Converse, so you get to know that person inside. Find pairs that express your individual style. You never know who might comment on your shoes.

    -Alyx Farkas (Social Media Intern Baggins Shoes)

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  • DYK that while Vans has been known as the leader in action sports footwear for the last 50 years, it wasn’t until recently that the brand started to create its now well-known apparel and accessories as well?

    Yep, according to the official Vans Timeline, the company launched its extensive apparel collection for both men and women in 2006, just 11 years ago. Pro skater Anthony Van Engelen was the first team rider for Vans Apparel.

    These days, much of that apparel can be found at Baggins at any given time, both in-store and online. In fact, Baggins, which has the largest selection of Vans footwear and accessories in the world, stocks more than 600 varieties of Vans items and apparel, including Vans backpacks, Vans socks  ,Vans hats , and Vans sunglasses.

    Vans Backpacks

    At Baggins, we stand behind our wide selection of Herschel Backpacks  but we also know what it’s like to want to match your bag to your shoes, which is why we also carry Vans Backpacks , ranging from the patterned Vans New Patch Backpack Realm  and Vans Realm Backpack Floral Black  to the classics like the Vans Old Skool II Backpack Black/White and the Vans Old Skool II Backpack Black/Charcoal.







    These 22-liter backpacks have front pockets to keep all your cords and pens organized. They also offer up lots of style and are super practical everyday accessories.

    We also love the bolder options, such as the Vans Nintendo Backpack Game Over, a 100% polyester backpack that features a zippered main compartment, debossed lining at the interior back panel, and a front organizational pocket. The custom print includes a pixelated GAME OVER image and a cute little 8-bit Mario on the checkerboard front pocket.

    (See more items from the Vans Nintendo Line )

    And the Vans X Toy Story Backpack Woody features all that and adjustable padded straps all wrapped up in an all-over Sheriff Woody print.

    (See more items from the Vans Toy Story Line 

    Vans Socks

    In addition to our dozens of Stance Socks designs we also carry a variety of Vans Socks.

    The Vans Socks Classic Crew 3 Pack Black  feature a ribbed cushioned design with a Vans logo at the top, perfect for every occasion.

    They are also available in white with the Vans Socks Classic Crew 3 Pack White.

    If no-shows are more your style these days, you’ll love the Vans Classic Super No Shows in Black.

    And the Vans Socks Classic Super No Shows in White. 

    Vans Hats

    Moving on to hats, our favourite Vans beanie at the moment is the Vans Nakoma Beanie . This 100% acrylic, heathered, navy beanie features an embroidered logo patch, wide brim, and stretchy ribbed knit. It is the perfect navy hat for all weather.

    Vans hats are also available in trucker styles, like this one from the Toy Story line. The Vans X Toy Story Classic Patch Plus Trucker Hat Buzz Lightyear  is an adjustable mesh back trucker style hat that features an all-over print of Buzz Lightyear on the front panel.

    Vans Sunglasses

    Last but not least, Vans has a lot to offer in the sunglasses category. Best of all, they’re affordable at less than $25 a pair. And, although it’s only February, it’s never too early to stock up on sunglasses. Sometimes the sun has been known to shine in February, especially in places beyond Vancouver Island.

    Have you checked out foldable sunglasses yet? The future of sunglasses, the Vans Sunglasses Foldable Spicoli Shades Black  compact into a small, fist-sized package for easy carrying and protection.

    You can also pick up some simple shades that don’t do the fold, like these Vans Spicoli Shades Black 

    Or these Vans Janelle Sunglasses Capri Breeze

    Or these Vans Janelle Sunglasses Clear/ Azalea Pink


    (For the record, Vans Janelle Sunglasses are 100% polycarbonate retro-inspired frames with gradient lenses and Vans printed logo on the arms. The Vans Spicoli Sunglasses are 100% polycarbonate sunglasses with UV-protected lenses and an embossed Vans logo at the temple.)

    For even more Vans accessories and apparel, we encourage you to come see us if you’re in town. We love visitors! If you can’t make it to Victoria, take a look at what we have in stock in the Baggins web store.

    We offer free shipping within Canada and a flat shipping fee across the United States. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for even more great deals and even more great ways to enjoy everything Vans has to offer.

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  • Happy January 2017! We made it all to a brand New Year. Here to kick off our second blog post of 2017 is Miranda, our devoted Warehouse Supervisor/Champion.

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  • Happy New Year, shoe lovers! As we ring in 2017, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on all the good things that took place at Baggins in 2016.

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  • Just in time for the holidays, we present to you our Meet the Baggins Staff Profile on Jenna, our ever-so-awesome and fashionable operations manager. She’s up next in our Meet the Baggins Staff Series.

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  • With Christmas 2016 right around the corner, the Baggins team of busy elves has been hard at work keeping the store shelves fully stocked at our Downtown Victoria location. In the warehouse, our staff are pumping out kicks for mail orders around the clock. We’ve even received so many custom graphics requests that our print shop feels like it’s been going non-stop.

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  • Never mind the weather on the Wet Coast, as long as you and your pair of weatherized shoes are together.

    If your winter shoe collection could use a little sprucing up this season, the team here at Baggins has got you covered with our fall and winter lines of Vans and Converse. There are plenty of ways to continue to rock Vans and Converse when the weather gets lousy out there.

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  • Madi baggins shoesFor a lot of people, spring break symbolizes a week off work and school—a time for much-needed rest, relaxation, and perhaps some housecleaning paired with a cold beverage or two.

    But for Madilyn, the next staffer featured in the Baggins Blog Meet the Staff Series, spring break in 2016 meant orientation time as she spent her days breaking in her new role as Retail Manager at Baggins.

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  • Baby, it’s cold outside—but when you’re wearing a Herschel’s beanie (some may call them toques), you’ll be nice and toasty.

    This fall, Baggins is stoked to announce it has in stock an assortment of Herschel fall fashion beanies. Yep, that’s right. The brand you know and love for its reliable backpacks, like the Heritage, Pop Quiz , and Settlement lines, also make seasonal headwear to match:

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