But that doesn’t mean Vans has maxed out their awesomeness. No, they continue to reinvent themselves by collaborating with some of the world’s best brands. (Hint: One of them involves cats…)

Here’s a taste of some exciting things Vans has been up to lately:


Vans x Liberty

Given their rich history, it’s hard to imagine Vans shoes getting any more nostalgic. But they’ve done it—by collaborating with one of the oldest and most exclusive fashion houses in Europe.


The Vans x Liberty Collection is a mix of two very different heritage brands. On one hand, you have a legacy of iconic shoes and devoted followers. And on the other, you have an esteemed British textile designer famous for its intricate florals and paisleys. Apples and oranges, but it totally works. Check them out and be amazed.


Vans x ASPCA

Want to really put some soul into your souls? To show the world just how much you love kitties and other four-legged critters? Then check out this rad collaboration with The American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty and Abuse (ASPCA).

The Vans x ASPCA collection is designed in support of the ASPCA’s life-saving work for animals. So in addition to making a stylish statement, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you’ve helped support an outstanding organization.

The collection includes Slip-On, Era, Authentic and Sk8-Hi styles, an allover cat (my personal favourite) and dog (also great!) prints.


Vans x The Beatles Yellow Submarine

This is Vans’ first-ever collaboration with the Fab Four, and boy did they ever get off to a rollicking start. Outrageous images from the 1968 animated film? Yes please. Some classic Vans silhouettes? Absolutely. A custom collector’s box? Wonderful. Sign me up.

The Vans x Beatles collection features a variety of iconic images, such as individual images of the Fab Four, the Sea of Monsters, the band in a scenic garden, and an allover “All You Need is Love” print. There’s even a toddler version, because you’re never too young to love the Beatles. Or cats.

Don’t forget to check back often for more great collaborations!