If you’re here just to see what’s new, we respect that too. But, while you’ll here, why not see if you really DO need new shoes? Here are 10 signs that it might just be time to invest in a new pair of Converse or Vans.

1. There’s Room Left on Your Shoe Rack

If that blank space keeps bothering you, it’s time to fill the gap already! We think these would look awfully nice on said shoe rack:

Chuck Taylor Khaki/Olive

The Converse Chuck Taylor II Low Top Vintage Khaki/Olive Submarine/Gum have a generously comfortable gum sole and a colour palette that suits both guys and gals.

2.  You Checked, and Yup, That Smell is Coming from Your Shoes

Sure, you could FeBreeze those suckers, but you run the risk of it not working. And what if it fails you while on a date? It’s easier to just buy new, isn’t it? Replace those trusty kicks with these:

Vans Old Skool Leather

A choice version of a classic! The Vans Old Skool (Premium Leather) Black/True White  feature sturdy black leather uppers with contrasting white leather side stripes. Wear these on the date, and save those other stinkers for solo days.

3.  You Can See Daylight Through Your Shoes When You Hold them up in Front of You

This surely means your shoes are full of holes or the soles are cracked – it’s time to level up with these:

Vans Half Cab Gum

The Vans Half Cab (Gum) Black/Black feature sturdy black suede outsoles that are built to withstand vigorous wear.

4.  You Found a $100 Bill on the Ground

Lucky you! This unexpected landslide should be put to practical use. Spend it on something you love instead of blowing it on something you’ll soon forget. Perhaps on something shiny? You’ll feel like you found much more than $100 when sporting these Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Metallic Cyan/White/Black.

Chuck Taylor Hi Top Metallic

5.  You Realize You Haven’t Worn those Skinny Jeans in Your Closet Because You Don’t Have the Right Footwear

Don’t worry about it, it happens. We suggest solving this crisis with these lovely mint green Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Women’s Dainty Low Top Pistachio Green/White that will leave you looking mad fresh.

Converse Dainty Pistachio

6.  Your Credit Card Company Just Gave You a Credit Increase

Another unexpected landslide, go you! Time to invest in some spring beauties from Converse. How about the Chuck Taylor II Hi Top Lux Leather Casino? (Not to be confused with the Women's Lux style!)

Converse CT II Hi Top

7.  You’ve Got a Wedding to go to This Summer

An upcoming wedding almost always means new shoes. Whether you’re a guest or in the wedding party, it’s nice to feel polished. Plus, Converse offers so much comfort for long days of dancing and reception-ing. These are cute: The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s Low Top Vintage Canvas Wild Mango/Egret/Black  will look nice with your summer dress, and have those little extras that any collector or Chuck Taylor enthusiast will not want to miss.

Converse 1970s Vintage Canvas

8.  Your Mom Keeps Borrowing Yours

At this point it might just be worth it to find something she’s just not that into. How about the Vans Old Skool (Neon Leather) Neon Pink/True White, which aren’t for everyone, but maybe they’re just right for you!

Vans Old Skool Neon Leather

9.  Converse Has a New Spring Line Available

A prime reason it’s time to get new shoes. One prime example from the line are the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Low Top Menta, which are definitely spring, and definitely fun!

Converse Low Top Menta

You can check out more of the Converse Spring 2017 line right here.

10.  Vans Has a New Spring Line Available

This year, Vans took their colour assortment to a whole new level with their springy colours in basically all of their styles, most notably in the Sk8-Hi’s, Old Skools, Authentics, and Slip-ons. We particularly love the Old Skool (Suede/Canvas) Ultramarine Green/True White, which show up in an unexpected shade of green for the season.

Old Skool Suede Canvas

Read more about the Vans Spring Selection right here.

If we’ve got you convinced it’s time for new shoes this season, it’s time to go shopping! Come see us the next time you’re in downtown Victoria, or simply take a look at what we have in stock in the Baggins web store. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for even more great deals and even more great ways to enjoy everything we have to offer.

Ciao for now!