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Womens - Converse

Converse started as a rubber shoe company in 1908 specializing in galoshes. The All-Star basketball shoe wasn't introduced until 1917 and renamed the Chuck Taylor in 1932. Now they have multiple iconic sneakers including the One Star and Jack Purcell. Converse is definitely the heart of our business. We have been carrying Chuck Taylor All Stars for well over 25 years, and our selection keeps getting better. The Chuck Taylor All Star is the most iconic shoe of all time. Converse have been around for over a century, and the Chuck Taylor will be 100 years old in 2017. They are absolutely timeless and absolutely fabulous. For such a simple shoe, the variations are endless.

They are a canvas for artistic expression. People have been personalizing their All Stars since the beginning, colouring them with markers, painting them, dye-ing them, going crazy on their bejewelers, or distressing a new pair by tying them to the back of their car and driving up and down a gravel driveway. Others love to keep their Converse crisp and clean - meticulously cleaning the shoes. Check out how to care for your Chucks if you're want to keep yours spick and span.

We even do custom printing on Chucks! If customization isn't your thing, then check out the huge array of seasonal colors, patterns, at materials like the classic canvas, leather and suede. The list of collaborations Converse have done is impressive to say the least: Hello Kitty, Batman, and OPI, are just a few.