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Mens - Converse - Chuck Taylor All Star

2Possibly the most iconic shoe style, and unarguably the most iconic sneaker of all time, the Chuck Taylor All Star is undoubtedly a classic. Whether you know them as Chucks, All Stars, Cons, or Converse, or Chuck T's, there is no denying the diverse and timeless style of these shoes. Since their first appearance 1917, Chucks have been the canvas of a myriad of collaborations with artists, musicians, and designers. From their humble beginnings as an athletic basketball shoe, All Stars went on to become a staple in various counter cultures across the world, from punk rock to skateboarding. Converse are for anyone and everyone.

Their blank canvas has transformed into an outlet for the imagination of unheard voices everywhere. Converse have gone on to release various special edition lines, including Batman, Gorillaz, Tom and Jerry, Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana, DC Comics, Dr. Seuss, The Ramones, Grateful Dead, The Who, AC/DC, Sailor Jerry, and Jimi Hendrix.

The possibilities are endless with Chucks. The myriad of textile and textural variations of these shoes is incredible. From their beginnings as a simple canvas basketball shoe, Converse now makes variations in leathers, suedes, as a part of their Weatherized pack.

Converse have most recently almost reinvented the wheel with the Chuck Taylor 2.0 collection.