Hailing from Vancouver, this iconic Canadian company boasts a huge selection of backpacks, wallets, hats, and duffle bags/totes for travelling. New to the scene in 2009, Herschel Supply Co. is a company in its infancy - this is just the start! The brainchild of brothers Lyndon and Jamie Cormack, Herschel is named after a small town in Saskatchewan where their family first settled in Canada, now with a population of 30! We knew they were on to something special when we first saw the first prototype of the Heritage backpack, back in the days when always inspired Lyndon Cormack was our local sales rep for Vans footwear. Herschel Supply company has grown immensely since, and offer an ever-expanding array of sleek, fashion-forward designs. The backpack offering spans from simple crisp designs like the Pop Quiz and Heritage; to mountaineering inspired models such as the Little America, Barlow, and Retreat. Buy Herschel backpacks, bags, wallets and hats here at Baggins Shoes. We always carry the latest styles in the largest selection.
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