Wet Hi tops

If you’ve ever owned a pair of crisp, clean, white Converse high tops; you know that those comfy kicks match perfectly with any outfit, whether you are dressing up or just having a casual day. They’re a consumer favorite and speak to the Converse brand with their canvas material. On a bright sunny day, these shoes simply shine! But when the skies turn gray, your shoes do the same. Suddenly, these pure white shoes are no longer clean as mud and gravel splatter with every footstep. Their elegance and flair become lost. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just keep our white shoes clean?

Baggins just revolutionized the shoe game.

Meet the Chuck Taylor All Star Shroud Hi Translucent Rubber in White A.K.A. my new rain shoes.


As soon as I saw that Baggins was selling these unique shoes, I had to get myself a pair. No more fear of rainy days, as the sleek look and translucent rubber allows for all the dirt and water to slide right off rather than penetrating the canvas. My white Converse and I are forever grateful.

I am so happy that I discovered this new addition white water proof shoe. I have no limits to my outfit choices and the classic Converse look never fades. I’m in love. Ever since I received the pair, I’ve been waiting to test them out in the rain.

Did I mention they come in black too?

Black hi tops


Meet the Chuck Taylor All Star Shroud Hi Translucent Rubber in Black. This look combines the typical and favored black hi-top with a translucent rubber outside. Like their twin shoe in white, the All Star Shroud in black has a zippered front which covers the laces, protecting them from the weather.

These rain boot inspired shoes are perfect for hiking, for the rain, or even for the beach.

No matter the weather, Converse and Baggins are stepping up your shoe game and ensuring your feet are protected.

In fact, a new weatherized collection can also be found on our website. Focusing on durable materials; rubber, wool, and leather shoes are showcased here.


This collection includes the Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Low Top in Black.

All Star Rubber Low in black


This water-repellent sneaker has a wool lining and the entire design, including the soles, are black - providing a clean look.


The selling of the Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Boot PC Coat Leather in Charcoal is also a neat find. If snow is common where you live or the weather simply gets chilly, stay warm in these hi-top sneakers. With extra insulation and a leather exterior, you are ready for the winter and whatever storm might come your way.

A couple of years ago, I bought my first pair of rubber Converse hi-tops in a dark purple shade. These are waterproof as well, and Baggins sells the similar low version in yellow. They’re trendy and people always comment on their one-of-a-kind look. Since then, my traditional rain boots have been pushed to the back of the closet. Style no longer has to be sacrificed because of the weather.