As a small or big business, you can choose to have your logo splashed across a T-shirt (boring), a mug (yawwwn!), a calendar (do people even use those anymore?), a side of a bus, or maybe even a sandwich board downtown, but designing your own custom Vans or Converse high-tops or low-tops through Baggins, and having the public wearing them, is what’s truly going to set your business apart.

After all, who’s NOT going to ask their friends and co-workers where they can find these tasty-looking brews in downtown Victoria?

Baggins Original for Tourism Victoria - Beyond Words Hi Top 3


Or which enchanting street in Victoria this is?

Baggins Original for Tourism Victoria - Beyond Words Hi Top 1

Baggins Original for Tourism Victoria - Beyond Words Hi Top 1

The Strathcona Hotel has even gotten in on the fun with its customized footwear for the employees of The Rooftop Surfclub. Marc Babin, event coordinator for the Strath, told Live Young and Free Magazine that their custom Converse low-tops have been a great way for the club’s staff to embrace the venue’s west coast rooftop theme.

Rooftop took the sleek, simplistic route with their design:

Rooftop Surfclub Custom Converse

While Tourism Victoria’s designs have more of a daytime look going on:

Baggins Original for Tourism Victoria - Beyond Words Low Top

Baggins Original for Tourism Victoria - Beyond Words Low Top

The best part of creating your own custom kicks to pump up your business? You can pick as many designs as you want, and then let your customers decide which ones they love the best. Or you can have your customers come up with a few of their own designs.

Better yet, up the ante by making it a contest and give a prize to the designer of the shoe you’re going to have worn all over the place. Their prize can be something simple, such as a one-year supply of gelato, soap, yoga, beer, lunches, or whatever product or service you provide.

The styles here were strong contenders in Tourism Victoria’s Kicktastic Medialicious Partypalooza Competition earlier this year, where they were dressed up and made all fancy in their elements:

Tourism Victoria’s Kicktastic 5

Tourism Victoria’s Kicktastic 1

Tourism Victoria’s Kicktastic 2

Tourism Victoria’s Kicktastic 3

Tourism Victoria’s Kicktastic 4

And now, many of these fun pairs are for sale at the Baggins web store.

So as you can see, Victoria loves its custom kicks, we love making them, and the locals love them too! Dress them up, dress them down, or make them part of your company’s dress code.

Any way you wear ‘em, custom Baggins' footwear is going to get people talking about your business. Probably more than a free pen with your name on it will.

Wanna get in on the fun? It all starts at Baggins with our custom print shop, where you send in your design. We then show you what it’s going to look like on the shoe style of your choice.

You approve the design, then each shoe is made to order with love by a member of our trusty staff using our patented process at our print shop. The next thing you know, your custom kicks will end up on feet downtown, at UVic, on the Mainland, or wherever your adoring fans choose to rock your design.

Learn more about our amazing shoe-printing graphic-magic skills here.

And just for fun, here’s a look at the Perogy Cat-inspired Converse Chuck Taylor we mentioned earlier:

Baggins Original Hi Top Gareth Gaudin The Perogy Cat 

Baggins Original Hi Top Gareth Gaudin The Perogy Cat