Stance has tons of varieties to suit the roving “sporties” out there. But even cooler than that, in May 2016, Stance became the official socks of the Major League Baseball organization. With features like elastic arch bands, self-adjusting cuffs, mesh vents to keep you cool, and reinforced toes and heels for durability,  it's no wonder this rising, dependable sock brand is also the official on-court sock of the National Basketball Association.

Upon its official announcement, Stance stated in a press release that it plans to debut the new Fusion Baseball socks during the 2016 All-Star Game on July 12 at the San Diego Convention Center.

“Socks were a forgotten piece of apparel and completely overlooked as a piece of technical equipment,” Taylor Shupe, Stance chief product officer, stated in the release. “There hasn’t been any real innovation in the space despite how important socks actually are in achieving comfort and function to protect the foot. This particular sock is going to open the eyes of a lot of players to what they’ve been missing out on.”

We knew we were on to something when we started stocking Stance at Baggins all those years ago! While it’s not clear yet whether the socks for the pros will be the same as what the public has been enjoying for years, we’re pleased to have MLB teams featured on Stance already.

Check out these items and more from the Stance Major League Baseball Collection, in store now at Baggins.

Cheer along with Mariner Moose in these Stance Socks Mens MLB Mariners.

Stance Socks Mens MLB Mariners

For folks living in Baggins’ hometown of Victoria, it doesn’t get any closer to home than catching a good Mariners game in Seattle, which is just a quick Clipper trip away!

You can also show some love for the A's with these Stance Socks Mens MLB Green And Gold.

Stance Socks Mens MLB Green And Gold

Or put another iconic team on your feet instead with this pair of Stance Socks Mens MLB Pinstripes in Black.

Stance Socks Mens MLB Pinstripes in Black

If you are a fan of one of the oldest MLB teams in the league, we've got the socks for you! Stance is proud to honour the San Francisco Giants with these Stance Socks Mens MLB Gigantes.

Stance Socks Mens MLB Gigantes

Gigantes, you ask? It’s the Spanish word for Giants, and the reference first appeared on the team’s jersey in 2005. The Giants were first team in Major League Baseball to translate their name to Spanish and periodically wear it on their jerseys, which started a small trend in the League.

For the basketball fans out there, the Stance National Basketball League Collection, also in store at Baggins, does not disappoint, with plenty of players and teams covered, ranging from the LA Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Utah Jazz, New Jersey Nets, Miami Heat and more.

Get a little retro with the Stance Socks Mens NBA Van Grizzlies Teal. We love how the Stance logo really shines against the teal backdrop.

Stance Socks Mens NBA Van Grizzlies Teal

Or get a little personable and put a face to the sock with the Stance Socks Mens NBA Pippen Trading Card Black/Red that features iconic imagery of Scotty Pippen of the Chicago Bulls.

Stance Socks Mens NBA Pippen Trading Card

Or the Stance Socks Mens NBA Payton/Kemp, which gives you two players’ faces for the price of two socks:

Stance Socks Mens NBA Payton Kemp

You can also get a little animated with either the Stance Socks Mens NBA Rodman.

Stance Socks Mens NBA Rodman

Or the Stance Socks Mens NBA Wilkins.

Stance Socks Mens NBA Wilkins

Or the Stance Socks Mens NBA Bird.

Stance Socks Mens NBA Bird

Our question is, do the players with their monogrammed socks wear their own faces on their feet? Stranger things have happened!

Not feeling the awesomeness of the MLB or NBA Stance lines? There’s a pair of Stance for everyone, including less-descript styles in Mens and Womens varieties.

Right now we are loving the Stance Socks Mens Spectrums and the Stance Socks Womens Bear Tan.

Stance Socks Mens Spectrums

Stance Socks Womens Bear Tan

We invite you to check out the rest of the Stance collection available through Baggins, both online and in-store! If you’re into Star Wars, Rhianna, Harley Davidson and/or Beavis and Butthead, you are gtg for your next gym or rainy day adventure!