So keep that packing list handy as we cover all the epic footwear you'll need on your summer adventures!

The Anything-Goes Camping Trip

Clothing tends to all into two categories – the stuff you’re willing to expose to campfire smoke, and the stuff you’re not.  Therefore, it’s a universal rule that the second a tent goes up in the great outdoors, all fashion rules go out the window.  Go ahead and dig out your ‘vintage’ high school hoodie for those chilly nights.  (It only has three holes anyways).

Stance Socks Eye MonsterBreaking out the socks and sandals? There’s no judgement here - especially when you pair your slip-ons with Stance Socks! Cosy and odour resistant, Stance Socks are the perfect camping sock.  Keep wildlife at bay with the Kevin Lyons Monster Mash or the hard to miss Libertine Magic Eye! With this many eyes, there’s no way that strange creature in the bushes is getting the drop on you.

 The Cruise Ship Buffet Line

Sure, the off shore views are nice, but let’s face it, the best part of taking a cruise is all the amazing food. Stand out on the rolling seas with a pair summer-appropriate Vans Authentic Slims. Thanks to the Vans signature rubber sole and waffle print tread, these shoes will hold up to any buffet line.

Vans Slim Tropical Peach

Bonus: Everyone will be so busy admiring the lively flamingo-bicycle print they won’t notice you swiped the last breakfast galette.

The Classic Safari Adventure

Vans Authentic Khaki

Vans pays tribute to a classic summer staple with the all new Vans Authentic Khaki. Whether your adventure is tromping through the Serengeti, or taking a Sunday afternoon pub crawl through a new city, this light lace-up is sure to provide good company.

Vacation Dad Custom Converse

Not the summer material you had in mind? Draw on the shirts of summers past with the Baggins Original Vacation Dad Hi Top.  A retro classic, these Hawaiian-print inspired shoes are suitable for any tropical or urban jungle!

The Awkward Family Reunion

We’ve seen the pictures of families that coordinate their holiday outfits. Why not be the stylish clan that matches shoes? With sizes from Baby (have you seen our adorable toddler shoes?) to Grandma you’re sure to be the most envied troupe around with the Vans Old Skool collection.

Vans Checkerboard

Kids will especially love the Glow in the Dark Classic Slip On while bigger feet can check out the Vans Checkerboard Slip-On Classic. So put away those matching Hawaiian print shirts (your teenager is begging you) and take a look at our huge collection of Vans instead!

 The No-Cation Summer

Maybe you’re slammed at work, or your vacation time’s all used up.  Or maybe you’re just trying to save a few dollars.  We understand. While an extended break may not be on the horizon this summer, there’s no reason you can’t add a touch of escapism to your work week.

Custom Converse Shoes

Whether you need a gentle inspirational reminder, or a little more Nick Cage to get through your day, Baggins Custom Print Shop can help you create the perfect pair of custom Converse or Vans to keep the summer blues at bay.

Wedding Converse

Worried your boss may not embrace your new footwear? Simply remind them that if custom Converse are good enough for weddings, they’re definitely good enough for the office.

The ‘I’m Not Getting Off This Couch’ Vacation

Similar on the surface to the No-cationer, this saavy vacationer understands that days off are precious, and why on earth would you subject yourself to things like packing and planning and fighting for parking?

Forget the heat, crowds, and surge pricing.  A couch can get you naps, Netflix, and video games. Plus there might be money between those cushions, and when was the last time you got paid for taking a holiday?

Keep things light and breezy this summer with the Converse All Star Ballet Lace Slip On.

Perfect for a late night popsicle run, these adorable flats are quick to pull on and off, meaning you’ll waste no time getting back to what really matters – like that late night monster movie marathon. (Speaking of which, have you seen our Baggins Original Retro Movie Hi Top?)

Hi top retro move

Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll be snoozing on the chesterfield.

For more options in Converse and Vans, come visit us in Downtown Victoria, or browse the rest of the Baggins Web Store. You’ll love our fast shipping times and no-hassle return policy just as much as you love our HUGE selection!