Vets for Pets Victoria is a non-profit veterinary clinic that runs out of Our Place Society on Pandora Avenue, and has been in operation since September of 2009. Offering their services once a month, they see an average of 60 furry patients within only a two hour time period, and provide both wellness care and vaccines for low income and street-involved pet owners in Victoria. Their goal is to help keep the street pet population healthy, provide all owners with proper pet education, and help control the population of unwanted or stray pets by encouraging spaying and neutering.

This cause is so near and dear to our hearts - here at Baggins we’ve always been animal enthusiasts! Some of you may remember our beloved shop cat Fraidy, who ruled the roost and our hearts for many years. While sometimes a sleepy grump, Fraidy would nonchalantly give the warm & fuzzies to customers from all over the world with his cool-cat demeanour.

Vets for Pets Baggins

Fraidy was no stranger to our neighbours in Paperbox Arcade building. Fraidy cat moseyed the neighbourhood, claiming a chair at a lingerie shop as his very own, sneaking scraps from the cooks at Il Terrazo and getting pats from passersby. Even in his twilight years, he maintained a prowling area looking to share his love. Fraidy enjoyed having sleep-overs at the apartments above us, napping in sunbeams in the back courtyard and eating tuna sandwiches with staff members on their lunch breaks.

It’s been a few years now since Fraidy left us and our love for animals has only grown. It made purrfect sense to team up with Vets for Pets on this amazing promotion. Take your fur-babies with you everywhere, and slide into your very own custom pet kicks right meow.

Our talented printshop team is eager to help you create a one-of-a-kind specially designed pair using your most beloved images of your best furry friend. If you're curious about the process, or are looking for some guidance, please come visit us in the printshop! We are located at 561 Johnson Street. If you're all set to order, make sure you have some beautiful high-res images no smaller than 600x600 pixels!

We adore helping our fabulous customers commemorate their four-legged friends. Seeing pictures of your adorable pets, hearing stories about them and creating one-of-a-kind shoes with so much love is oh-so rewarding. We can't wait to work with you on your very own pair! Check out some examples of shoes we've done in the past:

Pet Customs Slide

To order your pet-themed design and help this wonderful cause, head to our website or stop by our store on Lower Johnson St! For inspiration check out Pet Week on Baggins Printshop on Instagram the first week of February.