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Shoes, Shirts, and Tote Bags: All About Our Direct-To-Garment Printshop


Your local Victoria Printshop, specializing in Direct-to-Garment custom printed shoes & apparel. We'll tell anyone who asks that we're one of only two places in North America printing on Converse and Vans - and we're pretty damn good at it! We have devoted fans all over the world, from customers who want their own one-of-a-kind pair to massive worldwide corporations decking out their whole team. If you have something specific in mind, but aren't quite sure how to pull it off, email us at graphics@bagginsshoes.com

We love to bring your wildest design dreams to life on Converse Hi-tops, Low-topsVans Slip-ons, cotton t-shirts, and canvas tote bags. Let's dive into the world of direct-to-garment printing and explore the extraordinary artistry that is etched into each product:

The Magic of Direct-to-Garment Printing

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, often hailed as a technological marvel, is the heartbeat of our Custom Printshop. This cutting-edge technique infuses your designs with unmatched vibrancy, precision, and durability. Unlike traditional methods that involve layers of colours and complex setups, DTG printing directly injects ink into the fabric's fibers, resulting in a seamless integration that stands the test of time. There's no limits on colour; DTG uses CMYK+White garment ink that's made to last. The benefits are as clear as the prints it produces:

  1. Limitless Creativity: With DTG, your imagination is the only boundary. Intricate details, vivid colour gradients, and even photographs can be brought to life with stunning clarity on shoes, t-shirts, and tote bags. We can print on any colour of garment, since our DTG process includes white ink!

  2. DIY: We recently added a DIY Customizer to our process! Now, you can design your very own custom-printed Hi-tops, Low-tops, and Slip-ons. You'll use your own high-resolution images and can add text, rearrange the images, and design your dream pair of shoes!

  3. Design Services: Need help? email graphics@bagginsshoes.com and we can offer help with more complicated design visions. Our designers can remove backgrounds, create repeating patterns, change colours in some images, and offer advice if you're not sure which images will work for printing.

  4. Sustainability: Baggins Shoes is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. DTG printing uses water-based, eco-friendly inks that produce minimal waste, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

  5. Longevity: The prints don't just look good on day one; they remain vibrant after countless adventures. DTG inks embed themselves within the fabric, ensuring lasting quality wash after wash. The inks are formulated to stand up to regular laundering, so whether you customize shoes or a tee, the print will stay gorgeous as long as the garment lasts.

  6. Quick Turnaround: In the age of instant gratification, DTG printing shines. Our Custom Printshop can swiftly turn your design ideas into reality without compromising on quality. Our standard turn-around time is between 7-12 business days, which can fluctuate slightly depending on how busy our workflow is. 

  7. Dedication: our team is small and very well-trained to our specialized processes. We have a 3-person team who have worked in our printshop for years who take great care with each pair.

  8. No Minimums: DTG is a digital method, so there are no lengthy set-up procedures or fees, allowing us to print as little as one - meaning you can have a one-of-a-kind print!


Printing on Shoes: A Walk in Style

Baggins Shoes has famously been boasting that we have one of the largest selections of Converse, Vans, and Dr Martens for decades. It only makes sense that we widen that selection even further by offering custom printed work! For shoe aficionados seeking the perfect statement piece, Baggins Shoes' Custom Printshop offers a mesmerizing canvas to showcase your personality. From Converse Hi-tops and Low-tops that exude timeless cool to the classic charm of Vans Slip-ons, every step becomes an opportunity to make a bold impression. The process of shoe printing is an artful dance between technology and craftsmanship:

  1. Precision: Using a patented process, The DTG printer is modified to print all over the shoe's canvas surface, rendering your design with pixel-perfect accuracy. Whether it's a intricate pattern or a vivid artwork, the outcome is a true-to-life masterpiece. We hand-clean each pair of custom printed shoes ourselves, making sure they're as perfect as possible. 

  2. Durability: Baggins Shoes understands that shoes aren't just for display. That's why our prints are engineered to withstand the rigours of daily wear, maintaining their brilliance and charm. Once the shoes are printed, they're dried and pressed using heat to cure the ink. Of course, they'll fade with wear over time, but we love to say that the print won't bleed and will last as long as the shoes themselves.

  3. Uniqueness: Your custom-printed shoes aren't just an accessory – they're an extension of your individuality. Walk confidently knowing that no one else will be rocking the same pair. Our Custom Printshop is one of only two places in North America that's able to print on Converse + Vans, making our service incredibly unique.

Want more information? Check out our Custom Printing FAQ.


Printing on T-Shirts: Wearable Expressions

T-shirts have long been a canvas for self-expression, and Baggins Shoes takes this concept to a new level with our custom-printed tees. Comfort meets creativity, resulting in wearable art that effortlessly communicates your personality:

  1. Large Prints: We use a 16"x18" platen and can print on the fronts, backs, and sleeves of t-shirts. We stock basic unisex black or white t-shirts, but if you're local and after something different (like a hoodie or a long-sleeve), we can print on any unworn, unwashed cotton garment.

  2. Comfort: Baggins Shoes sources premium cotton tees to serve as the foundation for their prints. The result? A marriage of comfort and style that you won't want to take off.

  3. Endless Possibilities: From bold statements to intricate designs, the DTG printing process accommodates every nuance of your vision, rendering it in vivid detail on your tee.

  4. Durability: DTG ink is made to be laundered again and again, while maintaining its vibrancy and detail. Unlike more traditional methods, the print will never crack, peel, or flake off, and is super soft and comfortable. We note that you should wash your shirts inside out to protect the print, and wash with similar colours.

Printing on Tote Bags: Carrying Creativity

Carry your style with you wherever you go with custom-printed canvas tote bags from the Baggins Shoes Custom Printshop. These versatile accessories aren't just practical; they're a tangible representation of your artistic sensibilities:

  1. Eco-Friendly Fashion: With the world leaning towards sustainable practices, a custom-printed tote bag becomes a dual-purpose accessory that promotes your style and reduces plastic waste.

  2. Functional Art: Tote bags aren't limited to grocery runs anymore. They're now a canvas to showcase your favourite designs, artwork, or slogans, making a statement with every carry.

  3. Gifts with Heart: Looking for a heartfelt gift? A custom-printed tote bag bearing a personalized design is an unforgettable gesture that speaks volumes.

  4. Lots of Space: 4 oz Cotton Canvas with a 5.5” gusset for extra space, the tote bag is 15” H x 14” W. Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.


Baggins Original Designs: Where Art Meets Footwear

Beyond our remarkable custom print services, Baggins Shoes also boasts an impressive collection of original designs. These designs embody the spirit of Victoria, BC, and showcase the intersection of art and footwear. From inspired landscapes to vibrant patterns, Baggins Original Designs infuse an extra layer of character into every shoe, t-shirt, and tote bag. We have tons of fun collaborating with Artists, and our Design team loves using their own illustrations and pulling stunning antique art from public-domain archives to create unique styles. There's something for everyone! 



Bulk Orders: Uniting Creativity in Volume

Baggins Shoes' Custom Printshop isn't just for individual style seekers – we also offer bulk order services. Whether you're planning a corporate event, a team-building exercise, or a family reunion, the ability to print your chosen designs on shoes, t-shirts, or tote bags in bulk ensures that everyone takes home a piece of the experience. If you order 10+ of the same design, we're able to offer discounted rates. Learn more here.


In conclusion, the Baggins Shoes Custom Printshop is a treasure trove for creative souls. Through the medium of direct-to-garment printing, we elevate footwear and apparel to a new plane of artistry, allowing you to wear your heart and mind on your sleeve, or rather, your shoes, tees, and tote bags. Whether you're seeking to turn heads on the streets or leave a lasting impression at an event, Baggins Shoes has the tools, expertise, and passion to turn your creative visions into reality. Step into a world where your imagination knows no bounds – step into the world of Direct-to-Garment Custom Printing.

Tag us in a photo with your new custom print! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on new arrivals and upcoming promotions. 

Have an idea for a custom pair of Converse? Head to our website to find more information on how to design your own pair of unique custom sneakers.